Flirtation Secrets On How To Flirt With A Lady

Flirtation Secrets On How To Flirt With A Lady

While men respond to others through sight (what men see), it is commonly known that women respond to touch (what women feel), this is because of the fact that male are logical being while female are emotional being. Flirtation methods are different for both men and women. Therefore, it is important for a man to understand a few underlying mechanisms of how to flirt with a woman.Flirtation Secrets On How To Flirt With A Lady

The fact that women enjoy being touched is not just a personal preference. Rather, it’s a biological fact which is etched into the core of each woman. Throughout your flirtation journey, it’s crucial to keep this fact in the forefront of your thoughts. However, you should not be forceful or overbearing with your touch, because that is a quick turn-off.

Using your fingertips to lightly brush the palm of her hand or the top of her forearm will grab her attention immediately. Through this heightened sense of attention, you will be the very center of her attention.

When in a crowd of people, such as a dinner table, make an effort to sit next to her. As the conversation is going on, place your knee very close to her. The ending effect should be your knee close enough where it is barely touching hers. When this happens, regardless of the conversation at the table, her attention will be solely on the thoughts of your knee brushing on hers.

Maintaining eye contact is a huge tip in the dating world. Without eye contact, no personal connection can truly be made. Holding her gaze expresses your genuine interest in what she has to say, and that is something which is incredibly important to a woman.

While woman like to have physical touch, they also thrive on the emotional touch. This does not mean that you have to share all your feelings. However, knowing how to flirt, means having the ability to listen. If you really want this woman, show her you deserve it.

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