Feeling A Little Dry? Maybe This Dirty Discount Will Perk You Up!

Soon, it will summer. I don’t know about you but summer is one of the two gloomiest seasons for me – right next to winter. During these two extreme seasons, the world feels like it’s stuck in a standstill.

When it’s winter, it’s too cold to go outside and you feel too sluggish to do anything. When it’s summer, it’s too hot to enjoy the great outdoors and the idea of going to fun beach trips suddenly feel painful. All you think about is sunburn – lots and lots of sunburn.

Then there’s also the problem of being alone. Winter makes you crave warmth. Summer makes you crave connection – thanks to the numerous chick-clicks you’ve watched about people finding and falling in-love each other during summertime. Without that certain someone to keep you company, these two seasons would seem rather dry. Not to mention, uneventful.

Don’t worry; I know just what you need. You need a little “stimulation,” if you know what I mean.

Are you thinking what you think I’m thinking? Yes, you definitely are. I hope we’re working on the same page here because things are about to get hot, hot, hot! If you’re a guy and you got what I mean right away, no shame in it bro. Here’s lots of respect for you, man.

If you’re a gal and you understood everything quicker than a hyena being fed meat, no shame in it either! Women should really be more open about this.

And for you, who seem completely lost about what this is all about, this is about porn okay?

Yes, porn.

A form of entertainment we all really love but seldom talk about it. A form of graphic media that’s too graphic to watch comfortably with others. But look here, we’re all sexual creatures whether we like it or not. It’s how we’re wired. It’s how we survived as a race, even.

And it’s about time we quit shaming and bashing people for staying true to themselves by admitting that they totally love watching the deed get done. Quit pointing fingers to the male race, as well. We know you women are also guilty about it – even when you really shouldn’t be.

Stay tuned because I have a little surprise for all you brave hearts.

Pornography: What It Really Is

People are all sorts of weird. Some get into cheesy rom-com movies and they stick to it like glue. Others find slasher movies pretty exciting so they binge watch it like some sort of deranged maniac plotting to kill someone. There are also others who get a kink from scaring themselves so they watch horror flicks for several hours, alone, in a dark room, with full volume.

But do we judge them? No, we don’t – at least not on an embarrassing level. 

We should really start looking at pornography in this manner. It’s just a preference, that’s all. You may argue that some people (like you) get no such urge to watch porn but hey, maybe things are going well in your life.

Maybe you’ve got a completely agreeable wife and having her is enough – which is totally awesome and admirable, by the way. Maybe you’ve got a really kind and caring girlfriend who’s also a little bit bad when she needs to (if you know what I mean).

Thing is, not everyone can be as lucky and blessed as you are – well, not yet – and watching pornographic content is one of the ways they can let off some steam. If you don’t agree with it, then don’t participate. But don’t judge, either. To each his own, right?

Luckily, some people empathize with porn-watchers and they’re even kind enough to offer a Kink discount! If you haven’t been on Kink yet, you may want to check it out. They’ve got some pretty rad stuff in there. It may also be your chance to use that discount!

So let me finish this with a subtle reminder: Stay true to your kinky self. People who laugh, judge, or critic your hobby may have a dirty little secret of their own. After all, at the end of the day, everyone has one! For all you know, their fetishes are far kinkier than yours. You, at least, have come to terms with it already. Well, happy viewing!

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