What Should You Do If The Fear Of Rejection Is Holding You Back

What Should You Do If The Fear Of Rejection Is Holding You Back?

Ninety nine per cent of us human have experienced one form of rejection in life. The rejection may come in any aspect of our life, it can be in relationship, academic life, social life, in the family, among friends and so many other of area our life.

The fact that we experienced this form of rejection never makes us stop trying to find other approaches in other to be accepted.

If you can recall, you would have asked your parent for something in the past that you were turned down, does that make you fear asking for other things as you grow up?

In fact, lots of us asked for other things immediately once we were turned down by our parent and almost give them condition for them to at least accept one of our requests.

What Should You Do If The Fear Of Rejection Is Holding You BackIn relationship, being turn down when you approach a woman or man is a good thing.


Because it help us to carefully select who will be best fit for the kind of relationship we really want. The beauty of a woman is the first thing that attraction nearly all men to women before considering every other things or value she possesses.

And when an approach is made, several of the approaches are being rejected, even by a single person.

I have experienced rejection several times before finally meeting the love of my life which I eventually get married to, but those rejection in all honesty, some of them are painful after painstakingly strategize my approach, only to be turn down at the end of it.

At one point, I fear rejection and it prevented me from approaching more women. But I later come to my senses that I can’t continue this way if I want to get married to someone who will meet up with my criteria.

It is when I let go of  my fear of rejection that I finally meet the woman I love and married.

So, if the fear of rejection is holding you back, nobody will help you get out of it except you make up your mind to put an end to it.

Stop fearing rejection, it make you get weaker and unable to select the right person for your relationship.

I know for sure that rejection hurt, but the truth is that, we can’t run away from it if we want to get the best in life. A man or woman that reject you today can still accept you tomorrow if you know how to organize yourself, and provided the person is still available.

Research has shown that, we human tend to reduce our desire to take risk after experiencing rejection. But those who are better off, are the ones that are willing to take the risk and put aside the fear of rejection.

This is what you need if you’re to meet your would be partner, except you want someone else to do the running for you but you’re still going to meet other greater challenges if you allow that to happen.

If one person rejects you today, find another person. Someone is just waiting for you to come but if you allow the fear of rejection to hold you back, you will possibly lose the ones waiting for you and your searching will get longer.

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