Family Healthy Relationships You Must Practice

Family Healthy Relationships You Must Practice

Health is wealth so to says, your healthy relationship with your family is not something that should take the second seat in the family. It is not good enough to be a bread winner of the family or a home maker and forget about the healthy relationship which is supposed to be the foundation of your healthy family life.

Family healthy relationshipsMany have fall short of these, and their families are not faring better in their family healthy relationships. It is very important you take good care of your family healthy relationship, so that, as you grow together, you’ll have more fun to share and which bring in longevity into the family.

What are family healthy relationships you must practice, which will bring in lots of happiness into your family life?

#1. Family healthy relationships is to take care of yourself

If you have ever board an airplane before, in one of the announcement you will hear is to first put your own oxygen mask in case of emergency before helping someone sitting near you.

This also apply to your daily activities, in whatever you’re doing, it is important you first take good care of yourself. Doing that will put you in a much better position to help whoever needs your assistance. You can only understand the members of your family health position, only if you know your own health status.

There is this saying in my native family language; which says “ti ina ba njo eni, ti o si njo omo pelu, ti ara eni ni akoko manyaju kia to ranti omo” which means; if you’re caught in the fire with your child, you will try to first put off the fire on your own body before you remember to help the child to put off the fire on his or her body.

#2. Family healthy relationships is to spend at least 5 good hours with your partner

Who doesn’t love spending much time with his or her partner? Everybody loves to do that, but how many are doing that in the world of today? Your career or work takes much of your time than you spend with your partner. You don’t even have much time to spend with yourself, let alone bringing in your partner and the children.

You just have to figure out how to spend more time with your partner. Recent research from renowned marital expert John Gottman says spending five hours a week minimum doing something with our partner is important. You can even spend more if you can, more is even better. just make out time out of your tight time schedule and do something enjoyable together with your partner.

#3. Family healthy relationships is to ensure you eat together as a family

I cannot stress this particular point enough, eating together create a strong healthy family bond. The kind of love, peace and harmony in eating together can never be overemphasized. [Also Read; 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Family Relationship Like Never Before]

#4. Family healthy relationships is to learn to share values with their wards

Parents should share their values with their children and tell them why they feel strongly about specific issues or behaviors. Research shows that children adopt the values of their parents more often than not when they understand why their parents feel a certain way.

Particularly in during an election year, children and teens are hearing a lot about different social issues palaver. This provides a valuable opportunity for parents to share what their values are about different issues, and to explain their rationale for their beliefs. These are rich discussions that will help children and teens better understand their parents’ perspectives and identify their own values.

#5. Family healthy relationships is to never stop being playful in your relationship

You are never too old to be playful in your relationships. Children primary form of learning, expression, and communication is play. As we grow older, however, we stop playing as much in favor of more “adult” interactions.

Play has been shown to be a very effective form of stress relief and bonding for adults as well as children, and some experts encourage adults to engage in more play in both their adult relationships and with children. When last did you play with your partner and your children?

I guess your work don’t allow it, but remember, you’re in charge of your life and the work as well. You can choose what to do and what not to do. Put playing with your family as part of duty you must carried out, if not on daily bases, you can put it once in a week, probably every weekend.

I’m very sure, with these five valuable family healthy relationship tips; you can be almost guaranteed that you’re building a very formidable and healthy relationship. Start today if you’ve not been doing any of these before, it can only get better if you start now, it not too late to start building that healthy family relationship.

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