5 Ways Being an Extrovert Can Affect Your Relationship

Extroversion is seen as a great advantage in work, relationships, and life in general. It’s usually aspirational to have an extroverted personality type. The Myers-Briggs test will help you determine what personality type you are.

Extrovert Can Affect Your Relationship

Extro’s are known to bring out the best in others and are typically more fun-loving, chasing adventures more frequently than introverts. But what happens when your extroversions have a negative impact on your relationship? 

Read on to spot potential red flags before they manifest into unwelcome issues between you and your partner.

1. Not acknowledging your partner’s need for stability

Extroverts love spontaneity as it often leads to exciting new experiences. If your partner leans towards introversion they may struggle to feel comfortable in new situations. Pulling your partner into what seems like an adventure for you may trigger anxiety in them. Talk through plans with your partner and explain what they can expect of the pending event or situation so they can process internally beforehand.

2. Being overbearing

Some extroverts just can’t help but be a little (or a lot!) over-powering to those around them. Try not to foist your opinions on your partner without letting them have a voice too. One of ENFJ and ENFP’s weaknesses is sometimes being a little too much for others. Ask leading questions to engage them in conversations instead of shouting over them when you’re feeling enthusiastic. What you think is passion may be overwhelming for them.

3. Cut the small talk

You may really enjoy meeting new people and learning about others, however, small talk can be painful for people who are more introverted. Your casual conversation may have your other half dying inside. Just be aware of your partner’s body language and try and ensure they’re not feeling too uneasy. 

4. Don’t be pushy 

Bringing your partner out of their shell is a great strength for you extroverts, just be mindful that some situations can be really draining for people who are naturally quiet. Don’t force them to stay extra late at a party or social event. Them being there in the first place is probably a big deal for them so compromise by leaving at a reasonable time or go out without them – as long as they’re happy to stay home alone. 

5. Make it count

Invest in quality time with your partner rather than putting pressure on them to spend hours and hours of time together. Introverts tend to need a lot of personal time and space so ensure that the time you spend together is meaningful and communicative. If you have a shared interest why not spend time on a new hobby involving that passion?

Of course, every relationship must have balance, and bringing out the best in one another is vital. Showing an introverted partner a new outlook on life and can super beneficial for them and offer them exciting experiences. Just make sure you’re taking things at a pace that is comfortable for them. 

Are you an extrovert? Drop a comment below if you can think of any more tips to help into/extro relationships. 

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