End of Marriage: Longest Married Couple in America Died

After their conjugal union spanning decades, the marriage finally ended. Theresa Faiss’ marriage to former State Senator Wilbur Faiss. Wilbur Faiss is 100 years now while Theresa before her death is 97 year old.
Their marriage lasted more than lifetimes of so many and that earned them a congratulatory message from United State President Barrack Obama. Barely a month now when they were recognize as the longest married couple in the whole of USA, Theresa Faiss passed on at Las Vegas at age of 97 years.

In January this year, worldwide marriage encounter honoured them as the longest married couple in 2012. It is reported that Theresa Faiss died on Sunday and private services are planned for her.

She has three wonderful sons, six grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren. Wilbur Faiss the husband, who served in the Senate between 1976 and 1984, is the oldest living former Nevada state legislator.

Earlier this year, President Barack Obama had planned to give the couple a public acknowledgement during a campaign appearance in southern Nevada, but they were unable to attend.

According to Wilbur Faiss, I quotes “Every day I ask her how she feels and, ‘Is there anything I can do for you?’ And say, ‘Honey, I still love you.’?”

Theresa Watts Faiss was born Sept. 10, 1915, near Centralia, in Clinton County, Ill. Her brother, Clifford, still lives in the area. A sister, Hazel, and a brother, Melvin, preceded her in death.

The Faisses moved to North Las Vegas in 1944. They opened the Truck Haven in the early 1950s and later opened the Truck Harbor near Nellis Air Force Base. The businesses are no longer there.

While Wilbur Faiss worked at the Nevada Test Site, now called the Nevada National Security Site, Theresa Faiss operated the service station and a cafe with the help of their three sons.

In 1996, Theresa Faiss was honoured as Clark County’s Pioneer Mother of the Year.

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  1. What a wonder, a vary rare update to be heard in the modern society. They should be really lucky to spend their married life to gather so long. I wish if I could break their record.

  2. That’s really amazing to listen that longest married couple were in America. In modern world o one doesn’t live for long lasting marriage life and also they will separate due to many problems. I too wanted to be like this kind of couple and also hope to break their recode as possible.

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