Being An Encourager in Your Relationships

Being An Encourager in Your Relationships

Relationships are full of doubts, fears and lies of some sort. This is why a lot of people are always doubting, unbelieving and fearing. If you are one of them, have you ever asked yourself what doing this have gotten you to? Unhappiness, I assume. On this note, I would like you to ponder on one simple note– why doubt when you can encourage? [Also read; Effective communication in relationship]

Being An Encourager in Your RelationshipsNegative thinking will sap out any energy that you and your partner have. Instead of helping to work out the problems in your relationship, you will end up destroying your relationship even more. If you wish to be a better partner, you will surely have to be a better encourager first.

If you wish to be an encourager, then it is a must that you recognize the traits that expert encouragers have. Discover it, study it and put it into action!

They actively listen

A lot of encouragers know the difference between encouraging and bossing around other people. They know that encouraging is not mainly limited to saying “get over it”. They deeply and passionately listen to someone. By this, they listen and they do so without any judgments or agendas. When they listen, they see the person speaking as a wise and good soul. [Also read; Discover Top 4 Effective Ways To Strengthen Your Relationship]

They are not limited by cliches

Don’t think being encourager as a cliché. Being an encourager will require you to more than just say ‘You can do it!’ or ‘There is nothing you can do’. An extreme encourager goes beyond the cliches and dive into something deeper. Being an encourager will require you to see what the person can do, even if they don’t see it themselves. It requires deeply connecting and understanding someone.

They are confident that anyone can develop the needed traits as they go along the journey

To make it short, encouragers know that you are already ready for things to come, even though you are not yet perfect. They do not believe in limiting people’s capabilities. It is in their belief that anyone can be everything they want to if they want it bad enough. They also know that one doesn’t have to be perfect right away. They are perfectly confident that the long journey can mould people into someone who they should be. They are fully aware that each and everyone have potential for great personal growth, most especially if you follow your heart and soul.

If you want your partner, sister, mother, brother, friend, colleague or acquaintance to change, it is a must that you allow room for change. Of course, this would require you to be open to the idea that people can change and that everyone has the capability to do so. If you want people to change, be the push that they need to do so.

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