Don’t Give Up Too Soon On Her

Don’t Give Up Too Soon On Her

Have you ever finding it uneasy to keep your relationship going with your girlfriend? Perhaps there is a woman you’re trying to get her attention but it seems she’s not considering you to be the kind of guy she’s looking toward for a possible date.

Don’t Give Up Too Soon On HerHow hard have you tried to convince her that, if she gives you a chance, she’ll never regret it. You see my friend; there is nothing good that comes easy. You may have tried enough in all standards but the result is not coming your way.


Are you going to give up on her just like that now?

I think you should NOT

If you really want her and love her, then you don’t have to give up now. The truth is that, you’re almost there, if you look at where you have been coming from and where you’re going, you’ll realize that where you’re going is far more closer to where you’re coming from.

Try harder a little more, don’t give up on her now. You never know what she’s passing through right now. You never know if she’s just waiting for you to try her just once more and she’ll be glad to run after you.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style04″] Did you even know how many guys are really into her because of the same reason you too are into her? It will take her lots of time to sort guys out; she might be using persistency for the sorting. [/sws_blockquote_endquote] 

If you give up now, you’ll be easily sorted out and she’ll consider you as someone who is unserious and thank God she does not rush into dating and be in relationship with you.

Remember that, anything you don’t really work hard for, you will not really know the great benefits therein.

Try it a little more time, don’t give up on her just yet but if all fail, you know what? You’re not a looser, in fact, I consider you to be the real guy who fight to the finish. And more importantly, you’ve learnt great lessons, gather good experiences, know where you might have got it all wrong and all of these will give an edge over other guys out there who will still compete with you when you find another beautiful woman, whom you’ll love to date and be in relationship with.

So, don’t give up too soon on her yet, you’re about to win her heart. [You may also like to read; Life Lesson With Inspirational Impact]

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up Too Soon On Her”

  1. wow u re one big master of ladies.. i need ur help, i’ve a girl that i love such, in other hand she said she prefile me to be a friend not a date, but i love her and i want to make her my date, tell what should i do to win her? for a date.

    1. She want to be sure of who you are, it is an opportunity to for you to show her that, you worth her attention. Just be good, caring and lovely.

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