Does Your Relationship Life Consist Of These Three Elements Of True Love?

Does Your Relationship Life Consist Of These Three Elements Of True Love

Non-love, liking (friendship), infatuated love, empty love, romantic love, compassionate love, fatuous love and consummate love (true love), all revolve round these three elements of true love
There can’t be true love if any of these three elements of love is missing in your love and relationship life. They are; (i) there must be Passion, (ii) there must be Intimacy and
(iii) there must be Commitment.

Does Your Relationship Life Consist Of These Three Elements Of True LovePsychologist Robert Sternberg developed the triangular theory of love, which states that relationships consist of three components: Passion, Intimacy, and Commitment.

Passion is like lust, a combination of attraction and sexual desire.
Intimacy is closeness, sharing, and bonding between people, sharing your thoughts and feelings.
Commitment is the decision to remain with another person long-term, and commitment to keeping the relationship alive.
The combinations of these components results in what Sternberg describes as 8 types of loving:
Type of love
Liking (Friendship)
Infatuated Love
Empty Love
Romantic Love
Compassionate Love
Fatuous Love
Consummate Love
Non-love means you simply don’t love or like the other person.
friendship, or liking, consists of intimacy (sharing your feelings with the other person) but no sexual desire or commitment.
Infatuation is like “love at first sight”; there is sexual desire, but little else. This type of love appears quickly and vanishes quickly, too.
Empty love is a commitment to be with the other person, even if the other types of love have faded or were never there.
Romantic love is a combination of intimacy and passion, but all without any real commitment. You like the person and desire them, but don’t want to commit.
Compassionate love is a combination of commitment and intimacy; this may still exist after passion fades. Or it may exist in nonsexual relationships, such as friendships or among family members.
Fatuous love lacks intimacy, having only passion and commitment.
The final type of love often seen as the “ideal” type of love, is the consummate love. You are intimate with the person, passionate with them, and also strongly commit to them. This is what is called “true love”.
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Spark up your love and relationship life with the three elements of love.

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6 thoughts on “Does Your Relationship Life Consist Of These Three Elements Of True Love?”

  1. i who fell in love wd my cousin..whn i was 20yrs..and i knw he love me too,,bt he never said it..nw am 29rs old..n married to some else..but still i do think of him..he was my fist but i couldn’t express it too..
    so now i met him on fb after 9rs…he do chat with me..and giving me clues about something mystery..and he still single…
    what kind of love is these?

    1. You’re already married, what kind of mystery something he’s showing you on Facebook, tell him to go and married someone else, you’ve already been taken. Whatever he’s showing you might be his imagination and possibly trying to give you reasons why you should marry him.

      If you’re not comfortable with him, you can block him on Facebook and he can’t reach you again and if what he told you get you scared, go to your God and bend down your knee and pray to HIM. HE is there to help you even in the time of trouble.

  2. I’ve been in love with my girlfrnd for 5 yrs but without havin sex, we promised to have it in marriage.I knw she loves me & i luv hr too.So what type of love is this?

    1. It is the type of love you and your girlfriend call it at the beginning of the relationship. It is your agreement with her and you can call it whatever love name you want it.

      Let say, sexless relationship kind of love shei?

  3. after 40 years of married life my wife does not like to be touched nor will she touch me, all she wants is a kiss and a cuddle but nothing more.
    If I do touch her boobs or her pussy all she says is stop it I don;t like it. oral sex is out of the question She sees sex as something dirty, I cannot give her any pleasure, she has never orgasamed in her life.

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