5 Tips To Get Through A Difficult Custody Battle

Even though couples tie the knot with the notion that it will last forever, this is often not the case. Divorce statistics range from about 40 to 50% in the United States, indicating that almost half of couples that marry will file for divorce at some point. While divorce alone is hard enough, it becomes even more complicated when there are children involved.

Difficult Custody Battle

In some cases, parents who are going through a divorce can be civil for the sake of the children’s wellbeing and determine custody specifics between themselves.

However, in other cases, custody battles are the only option as parents cannot determine who is better able to raise the children. So, if you are going through a tough custody battle, these tips will help you get through the process with the best interest of your children in mind.

Hire A Family Lawyer

While a family lawyer is the best option for divorce when there are children involved, as these legal professionals specialize in cases that involve children, going through a custody battle without a lawyer can be exceptionally stressful.

Instead of exposing yourself to unfair treatment from your ex-spouse, you should contact Skyview Law to consult an expert family lawyer to help you win your custody battle.

Consult A Professional Family Psychologist

The court may request family psychology during the initial process of the custody battle as your children will be assessed, as well as yourself and your ex-spouse, to determine everyone’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

However, even if your case is not subjected to court-ordered family psychology sessions, you should take your children and yourself to an expert family psychologist.

During sessions, the psychologist will determine which parent has the most positive impact on the children and who is sufficiently stable enough to raise the children.

In physical and emotional abuse cases, sessions are crucial to help the children recover from the damage despite the divorce.

Don’t Involve Your Children

Regardless of the reason for divorce, it would be best if you never involved your children in a custody battle by discussing any details with them. The ages of your children are irrelevant in this case; involving them in the custody case and attempting to coerce them into choosing your side can put your case in jeopardy while also potentially dampening your bond with them.

It is not fair to force your children to decide who the best or most suitable parent is, as this is a decision only expert professionals can make when parents are unable to.

Custody battles can be tough. However, by relying on the right professionals and striving to protect the best interest of your children, you can rest assured, your children will be placed with the most suitable parent.

It is also best not to attempt to refuse visitation rights for your ex-spouse as your children may still want to maintain the relationship even after divorce. Refusing visitation rights can hurt the bond you have with your children later on in life.

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