5 Steps to Determine if an Engagement Diamond is Real

Buying a diamond engagement ring will likely be the most expensive purchase of your relationship. However, it’s not as straightforward as just going online or to a store and picking one out. There are styles to choose from, different metals for the band and the big risk of diamond quality, size and authenticity.

When it comes to authenticity you always have to do your research, but a good shortcut is to use a reputable jeweller. Or if you are looking for something more bespoke rather than ‘off she shelf’ make sure you have seen finished pieces from the maker.

Engagement Diamond is Real

For example, Kimberfire provides custom diamond engagement rings which you can see previously finished examples of on request.

Even if you go down one of these avenues you must check the authenticity of the diamon yourself.

We’ve created a checklist of five steps to identify a fake diamond. With each step, you’ll gather more knowledge that will allow you to identify a fake diamond. Each step is equally important, so you’ll need to follow them all to be sure you’ve got a real deal.

1. Check the color

One of the best ways to find out whether a diamond is real or fake is by examining the color.

Real diamonds are often advertised as having a “whiteness” rating. This refers to the amount of light reflected from the stone. The more white light the diamond reflects, the better it is. Now, this doesn’t mean that the stone needs to be perfectly white. It could be a little off-white, but it’s still real.

When you look at a fake diamond, you’ll notice that its color is a little too dark for a real diamond. This means that the light that comes from real diamonds is brighter than that from the fake ones.

2. Check if the diamond has a “fire” effect

If you’ve ever seen a diamond with a fire effect, you’ve probably been impressed. The diamond has a unique sparkle that makes it look diamond-like. Most people think that this is a quality of real diamonds. However, you can also get this effect from gemstones like moissanite.

If the diamond has a fire effect, you know that it’s not a fake. However, if it doesn’t have this effect, it could be a fake.

3. Check the diamond’s cut

Diamonds are graded on their cut. The cut is determined by the diamond cutter. If you have a diamond that’s been cut poorly, it’s a sure sign that the stone is a fake. That’s because a poorly cut diamond will appear dull and lack sparkle.

If you have a diamond that’s been cut well, you can tell that it’s real. However, just because the diamond has been cut well doesn’t mean it’s a real diamond. A skilled craftsman can also cut a fake diamond to make it look real. Therefore, it’s important to consider other factors in your assessment.

4. Check the weight

A real diamond is heavier than a fake one. This is because real diamonds have more elements in them.

Now, it’s important to note that a diamond that’s been cut well will weigh less than a badly cut one. However, if the weight of the diamond is too light, it’s a red flag that it could be a fake.

5. Check the diamond’s value

Many people think that real diamonds are always more expensive than fake ones. However, this isn’t always true. If you’re buying a diamond, you need to know its value.

The value of a diamond is determined by its size, cut, and color. Many people don’t realize this, but it’s also determined by the price of the diamond.

This is why you can find diamonds that cost less than $100 that are real, while you can find stones that cost several thousands of dollars that are fake.

If you have a diamond that’s more expensive than the norm, you need to make sure that it’s real. You’ll know this if you can get it appraised.

Now that you know the factors to consider when you’re trying to identify a real diamond, you can use these steps to identify a fake one.

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