Using Delta 8 Syringe: Here Are 4 Ways To Try

Delta-8 Syringes are the newest addition to our product line. And whereas typical Delta-9 corporations may sit on something as broadly relevant as a syringe, a delta 8 brand can do the same thing! As a Delta 8 edibles distillate-based company, our number one aim is to give you the sickest, most potent D8 experiences possible while also continuing to push the boundaries of alternative cannabis use and consumption methods.

Delta 8 Syringe



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In the cannabis industry, a Delta-8 Syringe is a universal application tool that you can use to inject distillate onto just about anything you would ordinarily use to ingest cannabis products.

You may use the distillate to finish off a bowl of cannabis flower, to roll a pre-roll or blunt and wrap the entire length of the joint with distillate, to dab it on a heated nail with a hot nail, or to infuse the distillate into unmedicated food to create an edible treat at home. Your imagination restricts you regarding the nearly limitless ways you might take pleasure in this.


As a result of its rapid cooling, delta-8 THC distillate might be challenging to dispense accurately. The five flavors included inside our all-new Delta-8 Syringes come in a 1mL Luer-Lock, blunt-tipped syringe constructed of borosilicate pyrex glass with a Luer-Lock cap. Preventing the plunger from being forced requires first sealing the syringe with the Luer-Lock lid and immersing the whole needle in a warm water bath for five to fifteen minutes (depending on the temperature of the water). Upon completing the application, press down on the plunger to release the oil and enjoy!

Delta-8 Syringes are pretty similar to our Delta-8 Disposables in that they are straightforward to use. At Eighty-Six Brand, we delight in supplying high-quality fire strains and pure distillate and making the whole process simple. What’s the point of wasting hours getting high when you can get high quickly and spend that time genuinely feeling high?


If you are consuming Delta-8 distillates, the amount you should take depends on the technique you are employing to destroy them. When using inhales like our Delta-8 Cartridges and Disposables, you will experience the psychoactive high within minutes of inhaling the medication. When it comes to edibles, you won’t feel anything for the first hour and a half after ingestion.

When it comes to Delta-8 Syringes, you will feel the effects of the oil depending on where you administer the oil. In contrast to inhalable, which have a small amount of vegetable glycerin in the formulation to guarantee that the liquid evaporates, the distillate contained inside a syringe is highly concentrated. It indicates that you’re more inclined to utilize less to feel a great deal.

Consequently, our Delta-8 Syringes are equipped with visual dosage indicators to guarantee that you take precisely how much you want to consume, regardless of how high you may be.

Delta 8 Syringe


Here Are 4 Ways To Try

So, you know how we recently disposed of our Delta-8 Syringes? Everyone should stock up since they’re flying off the shelves.

Meanwhile, for those on the fence about using them, you may be thinking, “What precisely can I use the syringes for?” Here are four different ways to enjoy a Delta-8 Syringe that we’ll go through today. Whether dabbing, sublingual dosing, rolling infused joints, or even cooking with cannabis oil, the options are unlimited. So let’s get this party started!

1. DAB IT!

Using Delta-8 Syringes for dabbing is one of the quickest and most convenient methods to get high! As easy as it may seem, all you’d need is a dabbing rig, which we can find at most smoke stores and online retailers. Bonus points if you choose not to purchase a typical dabbing rig, which depends on a blow torch to heat the bowl or nail throughout the dabbing process. Instead, invest in a dabbing pen that heats the distillate with a battery, resulting in a smooth and tasty Delta-8 experience!


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Another simple method of administering our Delta-8 Syringes is squeezing a tiny amount onto your index finger and dosing sublingually. Put the oil beneath your tongue or gum it up with your saliva.

Sublingual dosage isn’t a new concept in the cannabis industry. The average adult’s tongue includes between 600 and 1000 small salivary glands, a significant number of glands. These glands aid in absorbing chemicals at a far quicker pace than eating and digesting. The end product is a tasty and potent Delta-8 distillate that smacks you in the face slightly slower when you inhale it but considerably quicker than you would if you consumed it.


No offense to anybody else, but we’re suckers for a lovely, old-fashioned bouquet now and again. With a Delta-8 Syringe, we no longer have to pay exorbitant prices for pre-rolls infused since we can produce them ourselves!

Heating the syringe and pressing the plunger will cause the distillate to tear either within the pre-roll with the flower or on the exterior of the rolling paper itself, depending on your preference. Your senses will be pleasantly delighted by how delicious and intense the experience gets.


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Even though we love our Delta-8 Gummies and the SUGAR collection of Delta-8 infused consumables, there’s nothing quite like the pleasure of eating anything you want and being uplifted in the process. One exciting thing you can do with our Delta-8 Syringes is to include them in your recipes. Why not make spicy butternut squash and pumpkin soup to help you get through the cold? Instead, how about a couple of blobs of distillate on a piece of delicious pizza? The meal would be delicious, but you’d feel better as a result of it!

Bottom Line

When it comes to these syringes, the options are unlimited, and now, more than ever, you have the total capacity of getting your ideal high on your terms!

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