Signs That You Are Deeply In Love With a Woman

Sometime in the course of our lives, we all get very deeply in love with a woman. When this happens to you, there are many clear signs that you should watch for, which can help you confirm your suspicions about how serious your feelings for her may be.

So you can decide what to do about it.

Let’s look at the most common of these signs, and what they really mean.

Deeply In Love With a Woman

1. You can’t stop thinking about her

That new woman in your life is on your mind all the time; she’s always there, right at the front of your thoughts, 24/7. To anyone else who asks you how things are going with this girl you’re seeing, you tell them that everything is just fine – because this might not be quite true yet, but it will be soon if she has anything to say about it! This is actually one of the clearest signs that a guy can get that he’s head over heels in love with someone: when his brain becomes consumed by her, day in and day out.

2. You can’t sleep without her, either

You tiptoe around the house at night before bed, trying not to disturb your roommate, so you don’t call attention to the fact that you haven’t fallen asleep yet – because how could you?

Your girlfriend is nowhere near; she’s still at work or out with her friends, so why should you even be thinking about going to bed? And besides, what would happen if someone looked into your eyes and suddenly realized that you were head over heels for this girl who isn’t there with you?

Better just stay up instead of facing that awkward situation! This sign may seem less important than the first one but it really does mean exactly the same thing – you are in love with this person, and it’s clear as day to anyone who knows what they’re looking for.

3. Every happy memory reminds you of her

When you think back over the course of your life up until now, there are certain moments that stand out more than others; things which made you laugh, cry, or cheer.

And when these memories pop into your head unexpectedly while you’re doing something else entirely different, even though they’re good memories at their core, they end up making you sad because all of a sudden these precious times seem so far away from where she is right now.

Time goes on but she doesn’t get any closer to being in the present with you… is this the biggest sign that you’re in love?

4. You compare her to your exes, and she always wins

The very act of thinking about the women you’ve dated in the past is an indication that you respect this new girl enough to be able to recognize her special qualities – even if they aren’t readily apparent yet!

This means that every other woman who has come before her seems like a pitiable second-best because she can never live up to one simple fact: your standards are much higher now than they used to be. Or were, at any rate… now it feels like your standards have dropped so far as to consider anyone who isn’t her completely worthless.

5. She’s invaded your thoughts so thoroughly that you actually find yourself wondering how long you’ve been in love with her

Like it or not, your mind is racing with thoughts about what life would be like if she were always right there beside you, by your side for good instead of just being the girl that fills the missing space when you’re apart for a little while.

You have to wonder whether or not this has been going on since the moment you guys first met, or if it’s just something new that took your feelings up to a whole new level… either way, though, these are all signs that point towards one thing: deep down inside, without really knowing what caused it at first, you are definitely falling in love with her.

6. You would do anything for her

Loving someone means that you want them to be happy, and if this means becoming a better person in the process then you’re all for it even if it takes work on your end to do so!

Essentially, these changes should be small and should only serve as an enhancement of what’s already there; after all, every girl wants her guy to at least try to make themselves more attractive to their partner (or else why put forth any effort at all?!).

But again… even if she doesn’t ask for any kind of change (if she’s not attracted to you without help), you’ll still do your best to find ways that would allow for some growth – because we all know that love is about making sacrifices.

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7. She makes you feel like the person who is inside of your head isn’t really you

She sees a completely different side of you that seems to grow more and more vibrant by the day… which means that in order for her to like this “new” version of yourself (even though he’s also been around longer than she has), it’ll be crucial not to hold back anymore when it comes to showing off all that this new self can be and do!

8. You need time alone in order to recharge after spending too much time with her

It’s hard work keeping up with someone (and anyone) who is intelligent and interesting and kind – but worst of all, they’re simply fascinating as a human being! So even if you’ve got a ton of things to do, and she totally understands this (she’s not clingy), your mind is still going to be racing with thoughts about her.

You’ll need time along to yourself in order to process what it is that makes this girl so special before you lose the ability understand why exactly it is that she captures your interest like no one else ever has.

9. She makes being around her feel more natural than being alone

Even though you’re both just on your own – separate but inseparable, as they say – it feels less lonely when she’s there with you, because again… everything about her just seems right for who you are now.

That said, there were plenty of times in the past when you felt perfectly content living life on your own, but these days that’s just not the same at all. You’d rather be with her than without her… and most of the time, you won’t even want to go out anyway because it would be better for everyone involved if you stayed in instead!

10. It’s getting harder and harder to see yourself having a future without her in it

Your friends are starting to ask questions about where things are going with this girl – if it seems like you’re taking things very seriously – but they don’t have any idea just how deep this feeling is because you’ve never felt anything like it before!

Now that she’s started planting ideas inside your head about the future, you’ll find yourself doing the same (without even realizing it) and saving up money for a place where you two can live together. Because as much as your family loves her and wants to see you both happy, it doesn’t mean that they want to move in with you too!

11. You care about her happiness more than anything else (even though you want to be happy as well)

Now that she’s started talking to you about how things could go if she were there right now instead of thousands of miles away from you, this girl has become an obsession; not because she’s out of reach but because all this talk makes missing her a lot harder than what you was possible before.

So unless you’re planning on moving to Japan or some other foreign country any time soon, you’ll be continuing the long-distance relationship for as long as it takes in order for this girl to decide when she’ll return home. And even if it means that you won’t see her again until college is finished and over with… all of your sacrifices will be worth it because she’s everything that you ever wanted and more!

12. You care more about what she thinks than anyone else (even though there will always be someone who disagrees)

At first, you thought that showing off was a good way to get this girl’s attention – but after lots of experimentation with different styles and clothing options (from bowties to your favourite leather jacket), you finally have a good sense of what makes her happy.

The problem is that you’ll never be able to please everyone in the world, but when she’s looking at you… your entire body feels like it’s on fire and all it wants to do is put a smile on her face!

So even if this girl isn’t around to see you right now or going home for the holidays so you can celebrate with her, nothing will ever compare to knowing that she thought about you while doing something fun – and praying that she thinks about you again when next she does.

The first sign of being deeply in love with someone is when your thoughts race around her and you need time to process what it is that makes this girl so special before losing the ability to understand why she captures your interest like no one else ever has.

So if you’re ever in doubt about whether you are in love or not, just go through these signs and see if you are feeling any of them or all of them.

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