Dealing With Relationship Financial Problem

Dealing With Relationship Financial Problem

In the previous post before this, which can be read here (Relationship financial problem; how to avoid it); two major reasons were highlighted on how to avoid relationship financial problem; which are

  1. Know the type of financial partner you need
  2. Get a partner that share the same basic life goal with you

Dealing With Relationship Financial ProblemAt the conclusion of the post, five traits were listed to be discussed here today and let me take you straight right now to the area we’re going to elaborate further. Let me quickly state this now before it skips my mind. You’re trying to evaluate your partner financial habit, it is necessary you take a good look at yourself on this issue. You should not expect someone coming into your life, to have certain financial habit in which you have none. It will not work that way, you never know if your partner too is accessing you as well to find out how good with money you are.

Personal Financial Management Skills

A financial management skill is a skill you should have developed even long before meeting your partner. It is expected that such skill are already inbuilt and it will reflect in your action. How will you be expecting your suitor to be of good financial habit without you possessing such trait already.

You should be on the lookout for these few questions; how well does he or she manage the money in his possession? Is your partner a responsible someone? Does he depend on others for financial support or he supports himself financially? How is his ability to handle expenses?

If most of the answer here is yes, then, he may be a good partner but if otherwise, it is a kind of warning signal. You should just reconsider your stand if you can cope with that. I’m sure; no one will want such person that cannot manage his personal finances in relationship.

To get a little more information, you can ask him whether or not he does a budget every month, and compare how you both go about tracking expenses. This will also give you a great deal of information without prying too deeply at the beginning.

Financial Realism

If your partner is trying to live a millionaire lifestyle and he’s not working for it, then you should know that you’re going to be in trouble if you go ahead and marry such person.

Your man attitude toward money should be a healthy attitude. The way he spends shouldn’t outweigh what he earned. Any man that love to live a lavishly lifestyle that is beyond his reach is probably suffering from extreme insecurity and he will always be out of financial reality for sure. His aspiration for impression will only ruin your marriage, if you go ahead with him. Debt will not be far from your house and it will not take much time before the accumulation of debt doom your marriage.

Though sometimes, it may not be easy to know if a man is living beyond his financial reality. But a careful look at the way his life is going will always give a hint of how he lives beyond his mean. It is a good thing to have a big dream and take all the necessary steps towards the actualization of that dream. But if what that is supposed to be done is not done rightly, then, he’s not living up to his financial realism. [Also Read; Financial bliss after ‘I do’]

Financial Style

You and your partner financial lifestyle must align, if you’re to be successful in your marriage. If you’re party girl that loves to spray here and there, you man as well must love partying. If not, there will be problem in your relationship.

Many power struggles can be steer clear of by paying attention to how the two of you handle money, and whether you have related spending habits. You will learn more as your relationship progresses because many hidden lifestyle will be revealing to you. But before you take it too far, try to analyze your lifestyle with his. If you can afford to stay or not, the decision is your for the making.

Financial Integrity

What is the level of his financial integrity? If a man does not pay his tax, cheating on his company or friend and or probably defraud people for his own happiness. You are just guaranteed of a man that will never be honest to you and your relationship.

Flee is the right word for you; else your life and your marriage will be doomed.

If on the other hand, he is able to meet his financial responsibilities, and his is honest about his finances, you will surely be in good hand. Your life will be more enjoyable and you will be able to build a much happier home.

Remember that, it is not only the man that must be honest, you too must possess the trait of financial integrity.

Financial Negotiating Skills

Negotiating how you will spend your finances with your partner will help you to determine who will be responsible for certain thing as the relationship progress. Some women will prefer to go into traditional way by expecting their men to pay for every damn thing. Some will want it to be a shared responsibility.

We have seen in many cases, where women far earn money than the men they are dating. Some of these women will want to pay vacation that they now, the man in question cannot afford. All these require negotiation because some men hate if you do such thing.

Warning! Try as much as possible to avoid men with these attitude

The passive man who pays but acts resentful, manipulating you into paying without having an honest discussion about it. You should also avoid the bully who feels he owns you because he has paid. You need to keep an eye out for the gold digger, who never contributes anything.

Let us hear your thought about dealing with financial problem in relationship, nobody is an island of knowledge, your sharing with us today will help someone in need of your experience tomorrow.  You can as well hit us on our Facebook fan page.

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