Dealing With Your Partner’s Severe Diseases

Suffering through a disease for any individual is a painful time with a lot of struggles. When you have a disease that is incurable, all you can do is wait for the illness to take its toll on you.  These diseases then eventually either take your life or leave you disabled.

It not only leaves a lasting impact on the sufferer but also the person who is sharing all your life and the problems that come with it. Your partner can be your biggest support or a total disappointment depending on their behavior towards you during your struggle.Dealing With Your Partners Severe Diseases

A partner who helps you out in any way he/she can, always seeking your best interest is someone everyone wants in their life. It is the true test of their love to you. Many illnesses that are curable provide comfort to the sufferer and to their partner that this will soon go away.

However, things like most terminal cases of Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Glaucoma usually stay until the lifespan ends of the person. Furthermore, these diseases can occur at any age and at any point in life. Young people are just as prone to these as seniors.

To take care of the person is also a challenging task. Here are some pieces of advice to follow for you and keep patient when your loved one is going through any life taking disease:


Glaucoma is a disease where the optic nerve of the eyes is affected leaving the person partially or completely blind. The ailment is progressive and would start with the person losing sight on the sides of their eyes and then progress to the whole eye in a matter of years.

If your partner has this disease and partially blind then you can take steps for them to find their own way when need be. Marking the stairway steps with contrasting paint colors can help them identify the stairs.

Remove layered coverings on the floors such as mats or rugs that may make them trip. When with them, advise them to travel through the house or places with you holding your hand if they are completely blind.

For any couple young or old, it can make their love and care for each other stronger. Your care for your ailing partner will surely make their life somewhat comfortable.


Even when cancer is diagnosed at a time where the person can make a recovery, it can take a long while before the person has regained full health. As your better half is suffering through it, you may ease their pain by being by their side in the chemotherapy room.

For that, you need to have a good relationship with your employer who will allow you to take half-day leaves from the office or complete the work hours by staying late. Furthermore, you would need to support them emotionally and motivate them that their condition will improve and things will get better.

A person’s willingness to heal can factor in their condition getting better. Furthermore, take care of your partner by providing them with the recommended food and drinks that can lessen their sufferings.

Do not let them do work that involves a lot of physical activity. If it is too much for you to handle alone, hire a caregiver to assist the patient while you carry on with your daily tasks.


The condition of the patient deteriorates with the passage of time in Alzheimer’s and the patient loses most of their long term memory. This can be heartbreaking for the people who are close to the patient.

However, they are your loved ones and you need to cooperate with them as much as possible. Prioritize your tasks with them; have them do any of their chores with you around so that you can assist them with anything.

Stay alert of their frustration levels rising when doing work as anger outbursts in Alzheimer’s patients are common and intervene as soon as they get more irritated.

The diseases may be damaging to the person, but a person’s pain can be lessened with the attitude their other half has towards them. These can not only enhance a person’s mood but they can help improve their time and life with their partner much better.

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