Dating a Ukrainian girl: 3 Things That Impressed Me

Men and women rank each other all the time. It’s a habit from time immemorial. And this will never change. Now, their ranking criteria somewhat differ. But, there are some similarities. For example, both men and women look at attractiveness. And they definitely look for attractive ethnicities.

Such As?

Slavic women are a great example. Just check any dating or pickup forum. Slavic women are highly regarded as the “cream of the crop.” They’re attractive.

Dating a Ukrainian girlAnd they’re a driving motivation for many men to visit Eurasian countries. Now, of all Slavic countries, Ukraine tops that list. Some of the world’s most attractive girls live there. Below, I’ll detail my experience dating Ukrainian girl. And I’ll describe some features that I found impressive.

First – Stoic Confidence.

There are two types of confident women. You have the “outspoken.” Those are all over the West (America). They live by a “you-go-girl” attitude, and are usually a pain. I wouldn’t rank those as confident though. I’d call them insecure and overly compensating. But then you have the second “calm” type. And this is where Ukrainian women are. They know their value, and they don’t have to speak it. You feel it in their attitude.

Their Demeanor.

The way they talk, dress, and walk. It’s impressive. The average Ukrainian girl dresses well. They don’t walk out of home in pajama for a nearby supermarket visit. They always dress well. And they care about how they present themselves. This was certainly my experience dating one. I do not recall 1 day where she dressed sloppy, even if it was casual clothing. She always looked good.

But You Can Blame the Cold.

It’s cold year-round in Ukraine… except for 3 to 4 months mid-year. If it’s cold, you dress well. At least that’s how I think about it.


They’re still attractive by genetic standards. It’s one of the reasons why dating Ukrainian girl is such a hot-topic. And they’re prime messaging targets through online dating sites. Who knows, you might have luck dating one online. But you’d have to find the right site though. As advice take a look at Godatenow review. This site committed to helping lonely people find charming women from post-soviet countries

Second – Different Mindset.

Attractiveness isn’t all about looks. There’s also the mindset. Ukrainian women are clear-headed. They don’t fall for mind games, cheap tricks, or pick up tactics. They like you to be honest. And they’ll respect you for that.

How it’s Different From the West.

Women in the West treat men like entertainers – which is sad. You have to impress them. And that’s because of the ruined gender dynamics there. But Ukrainian women are different. They’re more traditional. If they like you, they’ll try to impress you. And they’ll do it in a naturally feminine way.

My Experience.

1 week into dating, she started cooking for me. Obviously, the dishes were traditional. And I really liked them. But I was more surprised by how fast things evolved. Kind of makes you think how good they’d do as wives.

Here’s a Tip.

Just be honest, and treat them well. But more importantly, have some self-respect. Don’t brag or engage in bravado. And don’t demean yourself to make them laugh, losing respect in the process. Just try to have a conversation with them. Talk about important or interesting experiences. Be genuine.

Third – They’re Not Easy.

An attractive woman is rarely an easy catch. Otherwise, why bother? She’ll lose the spark too fast. There has to be a mild hunt to your interactions.


Ukrainian women judge men by high standards (especially foreigners). If you’re a foreigner, most Ukrainian women know why you’re here. And they immediately make an assessment of your value based on looks. Not to say they’re materialistic – but they’re more practically minded. So if you’re visiting Ukraine to date, keep that in mind.

So What do I Do?

Just try dating online. Because why spend thousands of dollars just for a few weeks of dating? The internet is easier and cheaper. You can better control the pace of your interactions. And you can take time to measure your responses. You can also do research before dating Ukrainian girl. And hey, you might even find a wife – if you’re using a mail order bride system!

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