Couples Yoga: 5 Ways It Strengthens Your Relationship

Been looking for an activity you and your partner can try together? Why not try Couples Yoga?

The benefits of Yoga are proven and abound. It reduces stress, increases range of motion, relieves pain, and improves cardio and circulatory health. It does not only benefit your posture but it can also give you healthier skin and shinier hair. And as it turns out, Yoga has relationship benefits too. Here’s how. 

Couples Yoga

Couples Yoga is by no means a sexual practice – but it is an intimate one. Couples Yoga allows you and your partner to strengthen your relationship in the following 5 powerful ways.  

1. Power of Touch

Couples Yoga requires couples to be in sync, coordinating their movement to match their poses and their breathing. Mimicking each other’s movements make couples more conscious of each other, aware of each other’s needs. Relying and physically leaning on your partner allows you to be vulnerable and dependent, exercising your trust in one another.

Couples Yoga allows couples to experience a different kind of intimacy with each other and get to express their care and affection through the power of touch.   

A Simple Pose to Try with Your Partner: Seated Twist

This pose helps to stretch the spine and also improves digestion. You might also hear a crack as you twist but that’s completely normal.

Begin with you and your partner sitting cross-legged and back-to-back. Mimicking each other’s movements, you will twist and place your right hand on your partner’s left thigh while keeping your left hand on your right knee. Your partner should be in the same pose on the other side. Feel the stretch in your spine as you inhale and lean deeper into the twist as you exhale. Stay in this pose for a few more breaths. Afterward, release and switch sides.

2. Mindfulness

Yoga practices mindfulness. It brings your attention to the here and now where the stress of work and life does not divide your attention and focus. In Couples Yoga, the attention is on you and your partner. Your movement and breathing fall in sync and you feel an increased awareness of how to support one another through the movements.

Mindfulness allows you to notice new things about your partner and see changes that you might have missed during the busy days. This also provides you with a greater appreciation of your partner and allows you to see your partner in a new light.  

A Simple Pose to Try with Your Partner: Partner Savasana

This pose is simple and usually marks the end of a class.

You and your partner will lay on your back, holding hands. It is a pose that allows you to reap the benefits of a fulfilling practice, breathing and enjoying a few quiet moments simply holding your partner’s hands.

3. Communication

 Couples’ Yoga depends on verbal and non-verbal communication. Tandem poses require partners to rely on each other to complete a pose and this can mean challenges of balance and strength. Trust, support, and communication of your needs to each other increases your bond and allows you to overcome obstacles as a team.  

A Simple Pose to Try with Your Partner: Partner Backbend/Forward Fold

This pose combines the benefits of backbend and forward fold. Sitting back to back once more, cross your legs. Decide between you and your partner who will fold forward and who will do a backbend.

For the one folding forward, reach your hands before you on the floor and try, if you can, to rest your forehead on the floor or a yoga block,

For the one doing a backbend, lean on your partner’s back. This will push them deeper into their forward fold and also allow you to open your chest and heart center.

 After a few breaths in this pose, switch positions.

4. Quality Time

Regularly setting aside time out of both your busy schedules, away from work and children, is a good way to strengthen your relationship with your partner. Quality time entails your focus is in this moment with your partner, checking in on how they are and what their needs are. 

Couples yoga is a great way to spend quality time with your loved one, all the while getting away from the stress and reaping the relaxing benefits of a calming practice. The intimacy of yoga allows you to work closely with your partner and focus on attaining the same goal together.

A Simple Pose to Try with Your Partner: Partner Breathing

This pose is a great beginning to a session. It allows for a calming and relaxing effect, all the while practicing mindfulness and focusing your connection with your partner. 

Sitting back to back once more, both you and your partner should be in a cross-legged position. Rest your hands on your knees and allow yourself to be aware of your connection with your partner. Be aware of your breathing and how you can feel your partner breathing behind you. Enjoy this connection and moment of silence for a few minutes.

5. Romantic Attraction

Taking on activities that require physical touch as well as learning and growing together increases both relationship quality and romantic attraction. The benefits of quality time, greater awareness, and addressing each other’s needs as well as feeling supported and trusted can also be felt in the couple’s sex life. Couples Yoga allows couples to relax and have fun together, which translates to increase romantic attraction. Couples can also join yoga lessons together. 

A Simple Pose to Try with Your Partner: Partner Forward Fold

This time you and your partner will face each other in a seated position. Both legs should be extended to form a V shape. Keep your knees facing upwards and the soles of your feet touching. Reach towards each other to hold each other’s forearms. Inhale and exhale together. Decide between the two of you who will fold first.

To the one folding forward, fold forward from the hips. Your partner will lead you deeper into the stretch by sitting back, keeping their spine and arms straight. Go only as far as you are comfortable and communicate to your partner your limits. After a couple of breaths, switch positions.  


Couples Yoga is a great workout and bonding experience you can do with your partner. A relaxed and calm practice will allow you two to simply enjoy each other’s company, attention, and support. This strengthens your relationship in more ways than one, not only as a couple but also, as a team.

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