7 Of the Most Common Hair Loss Causes and How to Treat Them

We go through the process of hair growth and hair loss each day, however, whenever the process of hair loss takes over the process of hair growth, we experience a difficult problem which most commonly leads to low self-esteem.

The question is – what is causing this problem of ours? And is it treatable or do we have to go through the rest of our lives dealing with excessive hair loss until we lose every single hair on our head and go complexly bold?

Common Hair Loss CausesLuckily for you, we are here today to discuss the 7 of the most common hair loss causes and offer some of the best treatments for each of these causes. All that you have to do is go through the article and discover what is that has been causing your hair loss in the first place!

The 7 most common causes of hair loss and how to treat them!

1. Stress – Stress is a known factor for a lot of medical issues including heart problems, sleep problems, insomnia, stroke and high blood pressure. Stress is also a known cause for alopecia – hair loss among men and women. Stress is a scientifically proven factor that inhibits hair growth.

Luckily, there are various successful techniques that you can try to relieve your stress. Meditation and yoga might as well be the best options that you have against this problem.

2. Vitamin D deficiency – Vitamin D is the one vitamin that our bodies are not able to produce on their own, which is why it is essential for us to intake this vitamin through food and proper Vitamin D supplements. It has been found that patients with alopecia suffer from low Vitamin D levels in their bodies, which suggests that Vitamin D deficiency itself might be the reason behind the occurrence of alopecia.

Make sure that you are intaking enough Vitamin D through your diet by eating more fatty fish, yolks, orange juice, milk, dairy products, and beef liver. You can also consider taking a quality Vitamin D supplement.

3. Genetic predisposition – Perhaps you have a family history of alopecia. In this case, it is all in your genes. But that does not mean that there is nothing to be done to correct this problem. You can try using a quality hair growth formula as Provillus is. Read through the Provillus review available on their official site and find out all about the beneficial effects.

4. Use of certain medications – Certain medications have hair loss listed as a common side effect. If you find yourself using a medication to treat your current medical problem and discover this medication being the reason why your hair has suddenly started falling down, the best thing that you can do is consult your doctor on whether or not there is a suitable replacement for that medication. But, do not, under any circumstances, stop using the medication on your own.

5. Anemia – Iron is of essential value to our body. Without it, our bodies are not able to produce hemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen around the body and delivering it to every single cell so that they can complete the task that they are meant to, including the cells which are responsible for hair growth. When these cells do not receive oxygen, they are not able to do so.

This is how anemia and hair loss are most probably linked. If anemia is what has been causing your hair loss, the most important step is to improve your iron levels. And you can do so by including a proper iron supplement in your diet and make sure that you intake more of the iron food sources such as meat, fish, nuts, seeds, eggs, beans and so on.

6. Harsh treatment of the scalp – Perhaps you are using your dryer, strengthener or curling iron too much. Perhaps you are applying various chemicals to your hair and scalp more often than you should. Have you considered stepping away from all the excessive drying, strengthening and curling that you put your hair under?

Taking care of your scalp and hair is easy. Remember to wash your hair at least twice a week using a mild shampoo, suitable to your hair type, letting it dry naturally and prepare a hair mask at least two to three times a week using only natural ingredients such as egg yolks, yogurt, and essential oils.

7. Thyroid problems – A lot of cases of hair loss have been linked to thyroid problems. Thyroid problems cause hormonal imbalances that often lead to hair loss. In a case like this, you would want to consult your doctor and get a proper treatment plan prescribed to you to solve your thyroid problems.

Hair loss might as well be the first of many signs that your body is telling you that something is just not right. Thyroid problems should be treated as soon as possible.

Hair loss might as well be a sign that something is not quite right in your body. Or, perhaps it is only a genetic predisposition that you have. Either way, that does not mean that there is nothing to be done about it. In today’s article, we have shared the 7 most common causes of hair loss but also, the most suitable treatments for these problems and with that – for your hair loss. We believe that through following our treatment plans you can increase your chances of having beautiful looking, healthy and strong hair that you will be proud of!

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