College Grants & Scholarships for Married Students 2022

One does not simply stop studying. Even if you are getting to the later stages in life when you are starting a family, it is still never too late to complete your college and earn the degree of your dream. 

That said, college sure comes with a lot of difficulties for married students, especially for female ones. That is why it is always a good idea to seek out college grants and scholarships if you are one of these students. These grants and scholarships will be particularly helpful if you are a married student. Below are some great college grants and scholarships you should take into account in 2022!


FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and it is one of the best choices of financial aid out there for married students. This application helps colleges and educational institutions to decide whether you need financial aid or not, so it is important that you should fill out this form as soon as possible. 

As many schools are well aware of how marriage affects student life, most schools require married students to go the extra mile when filling out their FAFSA. Some will demand you to add your marital status as well as the combined income of you and your spouse. Unlike single students, your chances of success will be based on your combined income instead of your own income. 

College Grants Scholarships for Married Students

SMART Grants

SMART grants are a good way for students to gain access to undergraduate courses in fields of natural sciences such as math, physics, engineering, etc. These grants require the following before your application is considered:

  • American citizenship or being an eligible non-citizen 
  • At least part-time enrollment
  • Eligibility for the Pell Grant
  • A GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale 

These grants offer as much as $4,000 per year for your undergraduate course. Do note that if there are too many eligible applicants at the same time, the amount that you get might be reduced.

College grants 

Some colleges offer scholarships and grants that are aimed specifically at married students or non-traditional students. These sources of financial aid will be extremely helpful in helping you get through college courses while dealing with familial matters at the same time. Popular college grants for married students include David H. Runyon Scholarship at Indiana University East, Ed Bacome Scholarship, and Carl K. Davis Scholarship. 

When applying for college grants, the schools will often ask you to write an essay about why you need financial aid and what you will be using it for. You can actually check out free essays online to get a clearer idea of what you should be writing about. Use essay samples as inspiration!

Federal Pell Grant 

The Federal Pell Grant is one of the most popular federal grants for students, and there are very good reasons for this. This is a needs-based grant, so its total amount will depend on your financial needs as well as your own cost of living. For married students, your needs will be calculated based on your total income instead of your individual income, ensuring that you should have enough money to finance your education. 

College Grants Scholarships for Married Students

Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program

This is a spectacular program aimed at helping the spouse or widow of military personnel to get the education they wish to have. The program is available exclusively to spouses of military personnel, and you will have to fill a FAFSA to be eligible. If you are eligible for this program, you might get up to $2,400 a year for your education at colleges or vocational schools. 

Closing thoughts 

The life of a married student is probably never going to be easy, especially with so many things to worry about at home. Fortunately, most education institutions offer financial assistance in one way or another, which supports your education and eases your financial burdens. For this reason, never be afraid of seeking out help when you are looking to start a college course! 

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