4 Great Methods to Choose a Fantastic Decorating Style After Marriage

The day you get married will no doubt be one of the happiest days of your life. After all, how often do you get to join together with the most important people in your life, and make a commitment with the person who has made you happier than you ever thought possible?

While the wedding might be all cakes and roses (literally) it’s what comes after that has young couples scrambling to figure out how to make this crazy union work. You have to figure out how bank accounts will work, how you’ll split the bills, if both of you will be working, and a host of other decision points. One final point that many young couples forget to address is just what the house will look like.

In the following, we’ll explore four ways that you can decorate your house after you say your vows in a way that makes each other happy.

1. Mutually Agree on a Single Style

By far the most efficient and satisfactory decorating option you have is that you both agree on the exact same style. From the colors to the decor to the furniture, if you’re both completely on the same page, decorating won’t be a chore at all. It will be a joy!

The key to success here is that you both explore exactly what you want well before you move in together. Joint trips to look at the furnishings are a must, and you should be operating as a single unit when you look at color samples.

Sadly, both partners agreeing on the exact same style is rarely ever the case. If you’re lucky enough to find someone who agrees with every single design decision you make, color the rest of us jealous!

2. Divide Up the Rooms So That You Each Get What You Want

Since it’s more than likely that you’ll have to find some way to compromise in your design, we’ll start with the least obtrusive method. By dividing the rooms in the house so that you decorate some while your spouse decorates the others, you both get what you want without having to risk conflict.

Traditionally, the bedroom and the kitchen have been the woman’s domain, while the basement or attic become the illustrious “man cave” that guys love to talk about. It is 2019 though, so if you want to throw out gender stereotypes and do your own thing, more power to you!

3. Find a Way to Incorporate Each Other’s Tastes

Even if you opt to divide most of the rooms in your house, some communal areas, such as the living room, can quickly become a point of contention. In areas where you both expect to spend a lot of time, you’re going to have to agree on a design that makes you both happy.

One way you can do this is to come up with an overall theme, then decide who will handle what aspects. For example, both of you may love the idea of a traditional theme for your living room. You could handle choosing the color scheme and patterns, while your spouse handles the individual decor pieces such as the rugs, pillows, throws, and other items you need to bring your vision to life.

4. Let One Person Dream – Let the Other Person Do

If you really trust your spouse (and you should – otherwise why’d you marry them?), you can leave the thinking and dreaming to one person, while the other actually picks the colors and pieces that fit the picture in your mind.

How it Works in Practice

To illustrate, here’s how it would work. First, you come up with a couple of bullet points that summarize your style preferences. These will guide your partner in buying decor pieces that match. These might include statements like:

  • Contemporary theme with a rustic quality
  • Lighter colors that help people feel at ease
  • Minimal decor items that accentuate but don’t dominate
  • Soft, comfy materials for the furniture
  • A budget of $10,000 or less

From there, you turn it over to your partner (or vice versa) to find the pieces that match your vision. Obviously, you both still need to review your selection before you actually commit to buying.

Cost and Benefits

First and foremost, this method has to potential to take the longest and be the most frustrating. You both may have a clear idea of what you want but have to go through a lot of trial and error before you get there.

On the other hand, this method has the greatest potential to bring you closer together as a couple. Communication is more essential here than with any of the other methods. As you discuss the ideas you write down, you’ll both learn more about how the other thinks and processes information. It is a big risk, but it’s far from the biggest risk you’ll take in your marriage. If nothing else works for you, give this method a shot and see just how much closer you both grow as a result!

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