How to Use CBD to Boost Your Workout Performance

CBD products are typically thought of as either a health supplement or a medicinal product that can be used to manage chronic conditions. People are not as aware that CBD can be used in many other ways and offer benefits beyond those that are most commonly discussed.

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Increased awareness of CBD, what it is, and its effect on the body is creating a boom in the market. In particular, athletes and those passionate about fitness are now using CBD products to boost their performance.

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Here is a guide to using CBD to boost your workout performance to help you get the most out of it.

How Can CBD Boost Your Workout Performance?

CBD can be an effective way to boost your performance, and its versatility is a huge bonus. It’s one of the reasons why CBD products are so popular among athletes – there are multiple ways to benefit.

CBD supplements can be used to improve overall health and fitness levels which in turn can lead to better performance. CBD products are packed with vital nutrients that the body needs to maintain good health and ensure that all of the various systems are working to their full potential.

CBD products can also be used for more specific purposes by athletes to target areas affecting performance. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help loosen stiff joints and muscles and improve flexibility. CBD products can also be used to boost energy levels during a workout and positively impact performance.

Choosing the Right CBD Products

Choosing the right CBD products for their intended purpose is vital to ensure that the best results are achieved. While all CBD products do contain the same core compounds and cannabinoids, how they are applied to the body or ingested drastically affects their impact.

For example, CBD topicals only affect the area of the body they are applied to. In contrast, CBD edibles and oils can affect the entire body, only at a much slower pace. The distinction between these different types and how they work is vital for choosing the right CBD products.

CBD topicals – such as roll-ons, creams, and sprays – are generally best when targeting specific areas of the body. For example, CBD creams are beneficial when applied to stiff joints to help loosen them, reduce pain, and improve performance.

On the other hand, CBD topicals are not as helpful when aiming to boost energy levels or improve motivation. Other CBD products such as oils and edibles tend to be much better in these instances. CBD energy drinks are a popular choice among athletes for a fast-acting energy boost and a full dose of CBD.

When Is the Best Time to Use CBD Products?


After choosing the right CBD products for their intended purpose, the next step is to determine the optimal time to use them. The answer to this question depends on the product and the effects you hope to achieve.

When taking CBD as a dietary supplement to improve overall fitness levels, the best option is to take a small amount every day. This is very similar to other food supplements. It provides the body with a continued low dose of cannabinoids for mild effects that make a difference over a prolonged time.

However, when using CBD products to target specific ailments or problematic areas of the body, a different method is sometimes better.

CBD topicals for pain relief should be applied about half an hour before you intend to exercise. As CBD is being applied directly to the area that needs to be treated, the effects take place quickly, but it is still important to allow some time.

CBD edibles are another popular way of boosting workout performance. CBD gummies and energy drinks can be consumed anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour before working out for a short-term energy boost that can help to improve performance.

CBD products can also be used after exercise to aid in the recovery process and prepare the body for the next workout.

Some people find that applying CBD topicals to strained areas of the body can reduce pain levels and provide a chance to focus on the healing process. Equally, calming CBD products can be used to help the body wind down and relax after an intense workout.

CBD can be a great way to boost workout performance and push training sessions to the next level. However, it is important to know your limits and listen to your body when it has reached its peak.

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