You Can Either Win Her Or Lose Her But One Thing Will Make The Difference

You Can Either Win Her Or Lose Her But One Thing Will Make The Difference

If you have ever listen to the Spice Girls with this line in one their songs; if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.

Even if you’ve not heard about the song, I believe you would have heard about spice girl, right!

What that line really means is that, if you want to have any chance with me and make me fall in love with you, then you just have to like my friends. This statement is so true, especially for women, women cherish their friends a lot more than guys because of their emotional connection and what they really shared with themselves.

You Can Either Win Her Or Lose Her But One Thing Will Make The DifferenceHere is something important to consider if you don’t want to lose her

If only you will understand how powerful and influential the decision of a close friendships in women folks, then you’d learn to get along with your girlfriend’s friends. The decision of these friends can may or mar your relationship with your girlfriend.

Your newly found girlfriend has not really known who you are and she will trust the instincts and how her close friends feel more than anything else in her decision making. Her close friends have been with her through successes and failures and they are there to correct her if she’s doing something wrong.

There is a very strong emotional connection between your girlfriend and her friends and whatever these friends says or want is going to determine if you’re going to finally get the girl to fully committed to the relationship you want to build with her.

She and her friends have work their ways into one another conscious mind for several years and it will be very difficult for her to ditch out their voices from her head once they disapprove of her desire to be committed into the relationship you so much desire.

So, the bottom-line here is just that, convincing your girlfriend to enter into a long-term relationship with you is the easiest of the job, where you’ll have more bigger challenge to truly hook her is how to win over her friends.

The reasons why her friends influence mean so much for your relationships is;

If you fail to make time with her friends, you’re going to have more issues to cope with in order to win her over. The earlier you acknowledge the important of her friends in her life the easier it will becomes for you to successfully hook her.

When she start spending more time with you and less with her friends, the complaints will soar and it will look like she’s no longer loyal to her friends, this mean her loyalty is now being questionable and your girlfriend won’t want that to happen to her.

So, get yourself together and meet her friends in their social circle. You may not necessarily like all of them, but your being around them, discussing with them, smiling at them especially when your girlfriend introduces you to them will go a long way in winning over her friends.

Once you’re able to win her friends, there won’t be complaint about spending much time with you than theirs. They know you can take care of their friend because of the likeness and trust you’ve established after meeting them on several occasions.

Sometimes, her friends can be intimidating to you…

 This is very much possible but there’s nothing to fear about it, all you need to do is just to be composed and be yourself. You may be bombarded with questions in order for them to know you better, you don’t have to be worry about it, just answer them as simple as possible without going into much details with them so that you can answer most of the questions you’re being asked.

Here are some other ways to get it easy with her friends.

  • When you’re being introduced, smile at them and look into the eyes of each one of them with a genuine smile. If it requires a hand shake, shake each person firmly and don’t forget to even mention their name as you’re having a hand shake with each person. It goes a long way when they tell you their name and you repeat it and you don’t forget it in the course of the interactions.
  • Contribute to their discussions, answer questions and ask them questions too, just be active in their circle.
  • Don’t just focus on one person; pay your attention to every member of the circle.
  • Don’t forget to use a bit of humour in their midst and if you know how to crack some little jokes, just go ahead and do it once in a while as the conversation is on-going
  • If you’re meeting them for the second, third and fourth time, don’t forget to get something for them like a bottle of wine and other things they can just share when they are together.

Getting along with her friend will surely make the difference when you’re trying to get her to be fully committed to the relationship you’re trying to build with her.

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