Campus Ambassador Programme in Unilever Nigeria Plc

Unilever Nigeria Plc, is set to engage and empower students in campuses across Nigeria by signing them up as campus brand ambassador for this fantastic brand.
The Brand Ambassadors will serve as liaison between their campuses and Unilever. They are required to come up with interesting and resourceful engagements within their campuses, advertise Unilever to the students as a great Brand and serve as a point of contact between the students and Unilever.
Unilever Campus Ambassador Benefits:

·         Add the Unilever campus ambassador experience to your resume

·         Develop your intellectual, leadership and communication skills

·         First consideration for internships and assessment centres

·         Interaction with Top Unilever managers

·         Participate in Unilever events

Quarterly product packs

Unilever Campus ambassador are required to:

·         Attend Unilever events as a Unilever representative

·         Build relationships on campus with faculty and student groups

·         Help Unilever to better understand your campus culture

·         Host and organize events to bring awareness to Unilever brand

·         Spread Unilever goodwill to your fellow students

·         Work closely with Unilever Employer brand team

The requirements To Participate

1.      Currently enrolled in a Nigerian University

2.      Pursuing a BA/BSc or MBA/MSc degree

3.      Sociable and actively involved in student life on campus

4.      Good relationship with school authorities

5.      Maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.0 (for 5.0 grading systems) or 5.0 (for a 7.0 grading system)

Time Commmitment

·         4 events a year

·         Approximately 20 hours a month

·         One academic school year subject to renewal based on active participation

Method of Application
Click here to download (in pdf) the application form, and answer the following question: Using an essay, cartoons, poems, or a write-up, artistically develop a concept that captures the topic “Sustainable living”.Send the scanned copy of the application form and your answer to the question to:[email protected]

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  1. I love this great initiative and is a very good platform that has been set by Unilever Nigeria Plc, this opportunity will help we student to socialise and also network withing ourselves and also to promote Unilever brand and products, I will so much love to be part of this great opportunity on my campus for the type of person I am on campus I know am capable to even do more than expected of Unilever Nigeria Plc. Thanks

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