Bringing the Fire Back Into Your Love

When two young people get together, often, the romance aspect is somewhat limited, and sometimes, the limitations are part of what fuels the early fires. With two teens, sometimes, they come from different sides of the tracks.

Sometimes, they have parents who somehow think that forbidding them to associate with one another is somehow going to keep them from doing whatever they want. The simple irony is putting pressure on people tends to make the fires of passion burn hotter, and almost everyone has at least one fling from their teens or college days they would desperately love to re-live.

But then, let’s be real. You aren’t a teen anymore. Your parents have already blessed your relationship with your partner as much as they need to and more, especially considering that as an autonomous adult, you don’t need anyone’s approval to be with one person versus another.

As lovely as this is, as relaxing as it is to have your own place, a mate who’s within easy reach, and so many other conveniences, it can get downright dull. This isn’t what fantastic romances are made of.

Where the Fire Goes

 The fire itself tends to come from some sort of conflict. Maybe in your early life, you took some vow to save yourself for marriage. That may inspire some amazing fantasies and high sexual tension worthy of vorgasms, at least until you actually get married and get used to no longer having to hold back at all. Then, the ability to sneak off into the night just to spend a few minutes making out with your love loses a lot of its immediacy.

Then, of course, there are the logistics of life together. The adult world is generally successful and peaceful, but this success and peace come at the expense of being a bit boring.

Romeo and Juliet didn’t have bills to pay, jobs to go to, and family obligations that needed to be met. Their relationship with one another almost seemed as if they were trying to fill a lot of boring time.

However, as an adult, often, time is the least of your available resources. After a long day at work and after sitting down to spend half your paycheck or more on bills that seem to contribute nothing to your overall quality of life, it’s easy to feel deflated in more ways than one.

Bringing It Back

There are ways to bring back the passion, and there are ways to make your love feel more like the affair it began as than the roommate situation it may have become. It’s rarely too late to fix things in this regard.

You can start by being honest with your partner about what you want, and letting them know you want to reconnect in a way that’s less practical but more enjoyable. Some people find that taking a weekend trip together can help, but almost any kind of date night can go a long way.

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