Trends in “Bikini-Ready Body” Surgery

The summer is soon to arrive for a large part of the world, and that means one thing for plastic surgeons—an ultra-busy spring. The typical recovery period following breast augmentation, for instance, is four-to-six weeks. Opting for a touch-up in April or May, therefore, means that most people can display the results of their procedures about their favorite cruise or on the sands of a pristine beach, by July or August. If you are thinking about opting for one of the many trending “bikini-ready” surgical procedures, take note of the following trends.

Bikini-Ready Body

 Gummy Bear Implants

Breast augmentation is still one of the top three plastic surgery procedures, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. New techniques are consistently making this procedure safer, and its results more natural and effective. One of the most notable innovations on the current scene is the use of “gummy bear” implants. These keep their shape more optimally than silicone or saline implants, while looking and feeling much more like natural breasts. Their resilience makes them less likely to rupture or lose their shape, so patients can enjoy longer-lasting results.

 Using the Keller Funnel

Another big trend being embraced by plastic surgeons is the use of the Keller Funnel in breast augmentation procedures. It is a funnel-shaped tool that enables surgeons to insert the breast implants into the chest cavity without over-handling the implant. This prolongs the implant’s lifespan and reduces the risk of rupture.

 Vaginal Rejuvenation for a Smoother Bikini Look

In this age of Instagram-readiness, many patients are seeking to have a smooth, flat bikini line. They are therefore opting for vaginal rejuvenation, which can be achieved through various procedures. These include labiaplasty (surgery of the labia), vaginoplasty (which alters and/tightens the vaginal’s canal lining), and vaginal fat transfer. Women who have experienced scarring and/or pain after giving birth opt for a perineoplasty, which addresses the perineum (the area between the vagina and the bum area). Top surgeons also offer a selection of non-surgical procedures that enhance sexual pleasure and increase tightness.

Autologous Fat Transfer

Plastic surgeons are no longer inserting breast implants and leaving it at that. Instead, they are ensuring that the breast area enjoys a beautiful symmetry and harmony with the rest of the body by adding autologous fat transfer into the equation. This procedure involves harvesting fat from unwanted areas of the body (such as the hips area or back), and reinserting it (once it is prepared in a centrifugal machine) to areas requiring greater volume. Fat transfer ensures that both breasts are similar in shape. It can also be used to lend greater harmony to the buttocks and hip area during a Brazilian butt lift or body contouring operation.

 Breast Augmentation Plus the Brazilian Butt Lift

The ultimate “bikini pack” procedure involves two or three surgical procedures in one go. New technology, safe laminar air flow systems, and new operating tables are permitting surgeons to conduct various procedures in one go. This is ideal for patients who have young children and don’t wish to be separated from them various times. Instead, they obtain the look they are seeking and only need one recovery period. Typical combination surgeries include breast augmentation plus the Brazilian butt lift, or a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. This combination is sometimes referred to as a “Mommy Makeover.”

The spring season has always been a favorite for plastic surgery, as patients get ready for the summer. Some of the hottest treatments on the scene are those which have stood the test of time—including breast augmentation and tummy tucks. Others—such as vaginal rejuvenation—are newer to the industry, but are in ultra-high demand owing to the excellent, instant results they offer.

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