Tips To Choosing The Best Soft Mattress For A Better Night Sleep

Because you spend one-third of your life on your mattress, choosing the right mattress for you is a crucial decision. It would mean a huge difference in getting a good night’s sleep and more energy the next morning, so you can face life’s demands and challenges positively. But how do you choose a comfortable and high-quality mattress?

Check out some helpful tips when choosing the best soft mattress to attain a better night’s sleep below.

Compare a Soft and a Hard Mattress

If you are to compare, you can feel the difference between a soft mattress and a firm one easily. A firm mattress has less flexibility and is more rigid than a soft mattress. On the other hand, a soft mattress can follow the natural S-shape curvature of your spine as you lie on it.

With varying mattress firmness levels that every manufacturer use, there’s no exact level that will match your needs. Mattress manufacturers use their own firmness scale, so you shouldn’t rely on the mattress level of your new mattress to the old one that once perfectly worked for you.

Here’s a quick summary of the advantages and disadvantages of hard and soft mattresses:

  • Firm Mattress: The advantages of a firm mattress include improved back pain and blood circulation. However, it may also lead to discomfort brought about by muscle strains and other health issues. Those who usually benefit from firm mattresses are those who sleep on their stomach and back because of the even and stable surface they provide.
  • Soft Mattress: It is effective in providing great spine support and preventing back pain. The type of sleepers who usually use soft mattresses are the side sleepers. Just avoid too soft mattresses that will make you feel like “sinking” deep into the mattress. Medium-firm mattresses are recommended for almost any type of sleeping position. Take into consideration your weight, sleeping position, and any back or musculoskeletal issues.

Choose a High-quality Mattress

When it comes to defining a high-quality mattress, it’s not all about the materials used or craftsmanship. While you would prefer a latex, memory foam, or innerspring mattress, you also have to take other important things into consideration, such as the spine support and comfort it provides.

  1. Spine Support

 Spine support is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a superior quality mattress. Because your spine houses your spinal cord, which is an integral part of the central nervous system, the vertebrates or spinal column should be well-protected.

Remember that your spine is S-shaped and not straight, which helps in balancing, shock absorption, and performing a full range of motion. It needs proper support at all times, most especially when you’re lying down.

Here are some tips when choosing the best mattress for proper spine support:

  • When buying online, it is safe to choose a medium-firm mattress that provides adequate spine support without compromising comfort.
  • Choose a mattress with impressive sleep-enhancing technologies, such as copper or cool-gel infusion to help contour the back where your spine is located and superior comfort.

2. Comfort

 As contrary to popular belief, a firm mattress is not a top requirement for proper spine support. While choosing a firm mattress can be helpful to others, it can be too hard and cause pain to some people. That’s why you have to choose one the right one that best defines your comfort.

A good quality mattress holds the body in a neutral position. It means that your head, shoulders, back, and heels are all properly aligned. It will avoid pressure points and promote comfort like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Choosing a comfortable mattress helps your tired relax muscles, improve your posture, and experience a better quality of sleep. Don’t commit the same mistake choosing the wrong mattress, because it will just leave you waking up feeling not well-rested or with back pain.

Here are some tips when choosing a comfortable mattress:

  • When buying on a physical mattress store, make sure to try lying and tossing and turning on a prospective mattress to get a feel if it is comfortable enough or not.
  • When buying online, it is a good idea dealing with sellers who offer buyer’s remorse or a free trial period so you can return the mattress back if you find it too soft or too hard.
  • Read online reviews of previous customers on the marketplace or the mattress company’s website or social media page. Check positive and negative comments so you can choose the best soft mattress for you based on their personal assessment and experiences using the product.


When choosing the best soft mattress, you should consider getting a high-quality mattress that promotes superior comfort without compromising spine support. Make sure to test different mattresses before buying so you don’t have to undergo the hassle of returning it, and to ensure a good night’s sleep every time.

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