Best Hairstyle For Heart Face Shape Female

Best Hairstyle For Heart Face Shape Female

Best Hairstyle For Heart Face ShapeHeart face shape is a shape that is also called inverted triangle. If you have a heart face shape, you should have narrow jawline with wider forehead. In some situation your chin may be pointing. In other to correct some of your face appearance you may not want to be obvious, you will need to look for best hairstyle for heart face shape. You can as well complement it with good eye glasses if you’re the type that love eyes glasses. [Read; How to determine best eyes glasses for your face shape]

If probably you’re yet to know exactly what face shape you have, and how to measure your face shape. Please go here how to determine your face shape. After there, you should be confident of the exact face shape you carry. If it’s that of heart face shape, continue to read the rest of the post here on the best hairstyle for heart face shape.

So, let see the best hairstyle for heart face shape people

Heart face shape individual has their pointing chin to be the center of attraction on their face generally. In other to reduce the effect of this focal point, you’ll need hairstyle that will draw attention away from your pointing chin. The kind of hairstyle should draw attention to your eyes and or cheekbones.

If you prefer long hair, go for long hair with layer that graze your cheekbone. Short hair has a tendency to look wonderful on heart-shaped faces individual, just ensure you keep top layers soft and long.

Please do avoid these styles on heart face shape; Avoid short, blunt-cut bangs and harsh, choppy layers.

It is good to know that you’re not left alone; even celebrities and super start too have heart face shape. Jennifer Lopez is just one the super star with heart face shape. Other celebrities include but not limited to; Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon, Ziyi Zhang. You can show appreciation with Facebook Like if you enjoy what you just read

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  1. Hairstyle affects the facial looks a lot and one can easily improve her appearance by knowing the shape of the face. Great hairstyle tips for women having heart shaped face.

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