The Best And Not Obvious Countries With Attractive Mail Order Brides

You can meet the best foreign brides in every country of the world, but there are a few ones that a lonely man may find a bit more interesting or exciting when it comes to seeking a foreign girlfriend or even wife. In these countries, there are open-minded, sincere, and beautiful girls, who want to become wives of foreign men.

In this article, we will share with you 7 not obvious countries to start your searches in. You can choose one of these countries or just have a good time reading it and forget about our recommendations. This is your choice. We also want to emphasize that you can meet a perfect woman in your neighborhood, in your home country, or on the other side of the world. There is no “best country to find a wife”, but there are your preferences and our knowledge we can share with you to help you to decide.

best countries to find wife


Ladies in Singapore are very reserved, just like the ones of Japan, but they behave a bit differently. Japanese brides are sweet and cute, and Singaporean girls are very serious ladies with the direct desire to find a reliable foreign partner (if they are not married yet.) If you like young beauties who behave like mature women, try to visit Singapore and date girls there.

Dominican Republic

If you are looking for exotic beauties, the Dominican Republic is among the best countries to find a wife. These mail order brides have a strong sense of family and are generally pretty emotional and a bit possessive. They are usually raised “feminine” and they often prefer to follow this path and enjoy being ladies, which is highly appreciated by foreign men who are seeking a girlfriend or wife with a traditional view on life.


Modern Indian women are open-minded, sincere, and are eager to experience new ways to live and to love. They still prefer to choose the role of the queens of the hearth, focus on family only, and be caring wives, but you also can a lot of Indian ladies who would love to be companions and friends to you, not only lovers and life partners.

best countries to find wife


Swedish women are top mail order brides even though they don’t pay much attention to heavy makeup and latest fashion trends. They are gorgeous, open-minded, adventurous, and very friendly. As Sweden is a prosperous country, women tend to have good jobs and can support themselves.


French mail order brides are the icons of the style, sexiness, irony, and femininity. They also have a pretty serious attitude to a relationship – however, you should know one thing: before you start that “serious relationship” with a French woman, you will have to pass a few invisible tests, and there will be quite a lot of candidates on your position who will have to pass the tests just like you. If you are ready to the line of suitors and some kind of competition – you will get yourself a French bride.


Serbia is not a country people often choose to seek a wife, yet the women here are certainly among the most beautiful in the world! But if you are going to visit Serbia and stay there for a couple of days with the hope of meeting your love within this period, your idea is self-defeating. Most Serbs are looking for a long-term relationship and the women are unlikely to have fun with a foreigner first or have just one date and after that think about starting a family. They are very considerate and the time you may spend to courting can turn to be a bit longer than you expect. Yet, you will get a perfect wife and a loyal girlfriend, so your efforts and time are totally worth it.


Spanish women are very passionate, and it is great, but this amazing feature comes together with jealousy. These girls may add a lot, we mean A LOT of emotions and spices to your life with only their jealousy. However, these girls are so beautiful and sexy when they get mad, that it is almost impossible to get upset over their negative emotions. If you do not like moody people and want to marry someone with a hotter temper, try to date a Spanish beauty, you may like their passionate nature.

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