Benefits of Watching Porn With Your Partner

There are times in a relationship when you think that the difference in opinions between you and your partner is a problem. But everyone has a different opinion on a variety of things, and one of the taboo topics that are still difficult to discuss in a relationship is porn.

Not only is it a controversial topic, but some people consider that if their partner is watching porn, that’s cheating. To add to this, porn can lead to you being unsatisfied with your partner’s physical appearance, and that’s another reason why some people avoid it.

That being said, there are some great benefits to watching porn, especially when it comes to watching porn with your partner. There’s a lot of variety in porn, from the best live sex you’ve seen to scripted videos that you’ll both love, so it’s something that should be brought up at the very least. So, with all of this in mind, what are the benefits of watching porn with your partner that should make you consider doing it?

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You’re Sharing an Experience

The most important aspect of it is the fact that you and your partner are sharing an experience. While in a way, it’s similar to sharing a hobby, watching porn has a sexual nature that makes it a much more intimate experience. Sharing such experiences brings you closer, and it’s a bonding situation that your relationship will actually greatly benefit from.

 You Both Get to Learn

This is arguably the most obvious benefit of them all, but it’s no secret that a lot of people are shy, or even ashamed about their sexual fantasies. They don’t want to share them with anyone, even their partners, which shouldn’t be the case. To add to this, some people simply don’t know what turns them (or their partner) on.

Nowadays, thanks to the internet you can find a vast variety of both professionals and amateurs that are playing out every possible sexual act you could think of. A few clicks of a button are the only thing that separates you from having your deepest sexual desires being played out on the screen in front of you.

If you aren’t sure about the answer to the “what your fantasies are” question, a porn clip or two might help quite a lot. Whether it’s you that wants to please your partner, or they want to please you, this is a great learning experience and one that’s going to help you both and lead to a better love life in general.

 It Speeds Things Up

You’ve probably heard of a quickie, and chances are you’ve had a few with your partner, too. Whether you’ve got kids you need to work your schedule around, or you’re busy in your everyday life, sometimes you just need things to get started faster.

According to multiple studies, porn can impact both men and women – they show arousal after about 30 seconds, which is pretty quick, and definitely qualifies in the quickie category. That being said, it still takes at least 10 to 12 minutes for both men and women to achieve their maximum arousal, but in total, 15 minutes should be enough for both of you to have a much better day afterward.

 It Allows You to Fulfill Your Fantasies With Your Partner

One of the best things you can have in a relationship is a partner that keeps you happy in every sense of the word. But if, for example, you aren’t happy with your partner, this might instigate the need to find that happiness outside of your relationship – which is not ideal, to say the least. On the other hand, finding happiness in every aspect of your relationship is a seriously underappreciated thing, and it’s something you should strive for with your partner.

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There are some who consider that watching porn is cheating, but that’s not the case when you’ve brought your partner in on the fun. A core part of human sexuality is the fact that we crave variety, and being open and honest about it with your partner goes a long way towards them knowing the different things you want, and eventually trying to satisfy your needs completely.

 Should You Go For It?

The great thing about all the downsides to watching porn with your partner is the fact that they’re things you can easily work out by being open and communicating with them. And when you weigh that against all the benefits you’re getting, such as increased sexual satisfaction, an excellent (shared) learning experience, and an overall better relationship, it becomes very much worth it.

In many relationships, the thing that keeps a lot of things tied together is sex – and you both should enjoy it. If you’re already thinking about it, including porn in your activities is a great idea, and will bring both you and your partner immense joy and satisfaction. 

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