Beginners Guide to Using Sex Toys from the Phone to the Bedroom

The world of sex toys is an overwhelming world for beginners, especially those more timid at heart. There is a lot to take in. Read more here.

Beginners Guide to Using Sex Toys from the Phone to the Bedroom

Curious about experimenting with sex toys?

Sex toys lead to new ways to experience pleasure and new sensations. Even better, sex toys are healthy and for everyone, whether single or taken, no matter what gender. Using sex toys is a great way to find your erogenous zones and eventually improve your sex life.

It might seem discomforting at first, but knowing what you want and guide on how to use sex toys is always a good idea. If you find yourself apprehensive, relax, and read on. Down below we have some great ways to open a new world of pleasure for you.

What Type Of Simulation Are You Looking For?

To start we have to figure out your sex toy preferences. You can choose between penetrative or non-penetrative stimulation.

If you want penetrative, there is an endless supply of dildos for vaginal penetration, while ones with a flared base are great for anal play. Some penetrative sex toys have curves to reach your g-spot or prostate stimulation.

For non-penetrative, vibrators are great for experimenting and discovering other erogenous zones. For sex toys, no matter what kind, our advice is to consider cordless, waterproof, and material safe devices.

What Material Do You Prefer?

Silicone is the most popular choice due to being soft, hypoallergenic, and waterproof. Silicone sex toys tend to have a longer life, but are is more expensive than other materials.

Rubber or jelly rubber are cheaper alternatives to silicone but may contain toxins. Plastics are hard, cheap, straight to the point, and can be easily sterilized. Glass and metal sex toys are best for playing around with temperature play.

Types of Sex Toys

Once you have an idea of what kind of toy you want to try, it’s time to browse. Sex toys come in many different shapes and sizes.

Vibrators come in pretty much any shape and size for clitoral stimulation. These sex toys can pulsate, throb, and vibrate which may result in blended orgasms.

Dildos on the other hand are pretty similar to the real thing but have many shapes and add-ons. Anyone can use dildos and some even come with harnesses.

For the more adventurous, anal toys stimulate the nerve endings in your butt and are great for both men and women. Anal beads are perfect for first-timers since they don’t have an intimidating appearance and are easy to use.

Cock Rings help erections stay harder for a longer time. It can also help stimulate your partner during lovemaking.

Prostate Massagers stimulate the prostate gland or the male G-spot. Other male sex toys are penis extension sleeves, masturbators, and penis enlargers.

Best Sex Toys For Beginners

The best sex toys for women who are beginners are the Magic Wand and the Wanachi Mini Massager. Women love the strong stimulation coming from these vibrators, but they can be a bit pricey. Another is the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibrator which is great for penetration and clitoral stimulation.

The best one for men is the IMO Vibrating Cock Ring which gives a stronger, harder erection. This sex toy is best for couples as it also targets the clitoris for extra stimulation. The best sex toy for masturbation is the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator.

For couples who want to try something different in the bedroom, penis sleeves and cock extensions can be great props for role play and fulfilling your fantasies. These toys are used to increase the size and length of a man’s penis and add texture. Some penis sleeves have a vibrating feature to provide greater stimulation.

Pain When Using Sex Toys

Whether it’s due to a medical condition or psychological factors, pain with penetration using a sex toy or with a partner can happen. Painful sex can be treated by addressing the underlying condition. For women who have certain health issues, such as vaginismus, vulvodynia, and vaginal atrophy, vaginal dilation therapy using vaginal dilators is a viable treatment option to improve tolerance to penetration, help restore the vaginal opening, and ultimately, treat painful sex

Sex Toys Are For Your Pleasure

Don’t forget to have a bottle of lubricant to pair with your sex toy. Try one toy at a time and start small! Thanks for reading!

Learned which is the best among the sex toys? Want more shopping guides or relationship tips like this list? If you do, feel free to check out our other blog post to read more helpful guides now!

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