The Look of Love – 4 Make-up and Beauty Looks for a Hot Date

Dates can be exciting and nerve-racking. We want to look as good as we possibly can so that our date falls in love with us the minute we walk into the room. So, how can we make ourselves look irresistible? Here are 4 make-up and beauty looks for a hot date.

Delectable Digits

When we have a hot date, we need every inch of our body to be the best it can be.

Start with the toes and fingers. Nothing is more off-putting than ugly feet and chipped polish on your fingernails. A day or so before your date, you could get a professional pedicure and manicure or treat your extremities yourself.

The night before your date, Bathe your feet in some oil-infused water, use a pumice stone to remove dry skin, and then slather them in a rich foot cream and cover with a pair of cotton socks.

Beauty Looks for a Hot Date

Treat your hands with an intensive moisturizer and file and trim your fingernails to ensure they look neat and tidy. On the day of your date, you could apply some false nails or paint your fingernails with a gel fx polish in a color that looks good with ŷour outfit.

Hot Lips

Your lips are one of the sexiest parts of your body and are one of your erogenous zones. Make your mouth irresistibly kissable by applying a moisturizing balm to your lips, exfoliating them, and then applying a seductive shade of lipstick that suits your skin and tones in with your outfit. Opt for a long-lasting lipstick that will stay on if you are eating, drinking…or kissing. A slick of gloss will ramp up the sexiness.

Smoldering Looks

Smoky eye make-up is seductive and sexy. Opt for eyeshadow in shades of brown or grey and blend over your eyelids and smudge under your eyes to create a soft line. Apply lashings of mascara or wear some false eyelashes for a super glamorous look. Finish off the look with winged eyeliner to give your eyes a feline look which most men cannot resist.

The Mane Attraction

Hopefully, by the end of the night, your date will want to run his fingers through your hair while he kisses you deeply.

Clean, shiny hair is a must. The day before the big date, you could apply a hair mask at home or visit a hairdresser for a treatment and a trim. It is probably not a good idea to get a radical new haircut before an important date if it doesn’t go to plan.

If you need your roots touched up or your color refreshed, do so. Otherwise, wash and condition your hair with gloriously perfumed hair products and practice some hairstyles before the day of the date.

Try not to put too many products in your hair and keep it as natural as possible because you don’t want your potential lover getting his fingers trapped in sticky hair gel when he is winding them around your tresses.

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