How to lead a balanced life with glaucoma? The essential guidelines to count on

Do you have glaucoma? If yes, then you are one of the 90 million people who got diagnosed with. However, it’s essential to know that you can take proactive steps to prevent or slow down its progression, more so when the ailment gets diagnosed early.

balanced life with glaucoma

While glaucoma can result in irreversible blindness in some people, things can be in a better place with medication and lifestyle changes. This article will share some of the tips that are essential to living better when you have glaucoma.

1. Take your medications

Azopt eye drops are considered an excellent medication for people with this condition. It’s essential to opt-in for a mix of eyedrops all through the day for managing glaucoma. It would help if you stuck to your regime of the medication. You can set alarms and reminders all through the day to take your medications on time. Also, consult the doctor if you have any issues with your eye dosages and medications. When you do this, you can prevent the condition from getting worsened.

2. Try and avoid accidents and falls

In certain patients, glaucoma can increase accidents and falls because of vision loss. It is essential to mark your boundaries in your home. The counters, doorways, drawers, and table edges can be marked using bright paint or tape. You can even organize the appliances and utensils accordingly.

You can also make use of scanning and take a careful look at the surrounding by moving the head from top to bottom and your left to right to cover the broad vision field before walking. It can help you recognize things like objects and steps that you might miss out on.

3. Have a healthy lifestyle

When you exercise, it can enhance your eye health as well. When you exercise daily, it can prove to be helpful. However, ensure that you consult your doctor about the exercise routine. Even though working out is always good, you can avert the exercises or yoga postures where you have to place your head beneath the heart or lift heavy weights. It can increase eye pressure, and that can adversely impact glaucoma.

4. Keep on reading

If you have a vision problem, you might find reading challenging. However, there are specific tools that you can use for help. The handheld magnifying devices can improve the text and labels in the book. Also, audiobooks can enable you to enjoy your books. Even online audio readers can do the same by browsing through the internet. The majority of web browsers allow the font size and the contrast of the tablet or the computer to be adjusted to make it easier to read.

Last but not least, you must count on the support team. You can get help from your family members and friends for transportation purposes and other ways of support. When you have a support team with you, it can help you in a good way, maintaining healthy habits and taking the necessary medication.

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