Why does your adult website need SEO

It is no news that digital marketing is the new black. If you own an adult website or a generic website, it means you are heavily vested in digital marketing. As digital marketing gains popularity, SEO fan base also increases, especially adult SEO. This is because SEO is the engine of digital marketing.


Why Does Your Adult Website Need SEO

SEO is slowly becoming part of everyday speech; it is safe to say even SEO laymen have heard of this term. If you have been wondering how google picks those ten pages to display after a Google query, you have your answer; SEO.  SEO is an abbreviation that stands for Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is in charge of making a brand’s online visibility possible. SEO takes up different strategies to achieve visibility, but the three main strategies which are the foundation of any good adult SEO are;

  • On-page SEO; This strategy focuses on your webpage. It makes use of keyword research and optimization, catchy titles and meta description, content quality etc.
  • Offsite SEO; Here, the focus is on promotion. This is achieved through the use of backlinks (links that take you to another website) branding and brand mention, social engagement etc.
  • Technical SEO; This deals with the overall user experience. It ensures that visitors to your website have a glitch free experience. To ensure this, effort must be put into running a frequent broken link analysis and fixing it, use of navigation tools, so users can easily navigate, speedy webpages, security etc.

It is important to note that there are two kinds of SEOs and they are; white hat SEO and black hat SEO. The colors already give insight to what these SEOs entail. White hat SEOs are like the teacher’s pets. They play by search engines rules and are rewarded with visibility, while black hat SEOs are the teacher’s headaches and they receive punishments; their webpages are removed, or their sites are banned. Leaning towards white hat adult SEO using the aforementioned strategies will put your website at the forefront of a search query.


We have talked about the meaning of SEO, but one question still remains unanswered; why is SEO important? Why should you use it in your adult website? The benefits of adult SEO to your adult website are endless but we are going to dive into a few of them.

  • Visibility: The ultimate goal of adult SEO is visibility. It is for the same reason you created your adult website in the first place. Without the proper use of adult SEO, your adult website will become a cobwebbed. Cobwebbed websites are those sites that are on the farther end of a search query; second, third or ninth page of the query. This is bad because google search engines make sure users never go beyond the boundaries they set for them, which is the ten pages. SEO places your adult website amongst the ten search results on the first page of the query. What good is your website if people can’t see it?
  • Quality content; You must have heard that “sales is king” but with digital marketing, content is king. Quality content is part of the fabric of SEO, your adult SEO optimization is not complete without standard content. SEO forces you to produce classic content and this helps your adult website. Good content will generate backlinks that will in turn boost your adult website traffic.
  • Credibility; As we already know, search engines work tirelessly to offer their users the best results and that is why users trust them. When your adult website ranks on the search engine, it automatically means your site carries relevant information and is probably secure, which make users put their trust in you. Also, when the algorithm favours your adult website, it registers in users’ minds that, this site can answer my query. So, next time, they just go straight to your site.
  • Increased conversion rate; This translates to income generation. The aim of digital marketing like any other marketing is profit. This applies to your adult website. When your website becomes more visible, it leads to abundant clicks, which takes you to your destination; income.
  • Dominance; The adult industry has more visits than any other industry on the internet, which means there is a high level of competition. Hundreds are struggling to secure a spot on the first page of a query. Adult SEO places your adult website ahead of the competition.

SEO is not only relevant to non-adult websites; it is essential for adult websites too. In fact, it is important for all industries to implement SEO strategies. It is the fastest and easiest way to achieve any website’s goal; clicks.

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