8 Unique Ways to Propose That Will Blow Your Girlfriend Away

If you’re in love and are looking for unique ways to propose, you’ve come to the right place. Click here for 8 outstanding ideas!

Over 2 million couples will tie the knot in the United States every year. Are you looking to be one of them?

If you are, chances are you may be thinking of popping the question to that special person in your life. There’s only one problem…

How the heck are you going to do it?

There are a lot of competing thoughts when it comes to putting together the perfect proposal. The amount of ideas has exploded with social media seemingly sharing every proposal on the planet.

To help you sort through all of the proposal inspiration that’s out there, our team has created this article.

In it, we share with you 8 simple yet unique ways to propose that have just enough “wow-factor” to help you secure that, “Yes”.

1. Go to the Aquarium

Aquariums aren’t synonymous with romance and that’s a shame. They make for incredible date spots and frankly, downright awesome places to propose!

There’s just something about the darkness of aquariums, the reflections of the water bouncing off the walls, that make for a quietly moving experience.

Our recommendation when it comes to aquarium proposals is to contact the aquarium ahead of time and see if a diver will hold a “Will You Marry Me” sign underwater during a feeding or show.

If getting the staff involved is a no-go, pick a quiet day, wait until you and your special someone have a room to yourselves and pop the question while watching fish swim around you.

2. Show That You Remember

Do you remember where your first date was? If it was at a baseball game, do you remember the exact seats you sat in?

Taking your special someone back in time to the beginning of your relationship before advancing your relationship to the next level can be a powerful experience. The more details you can get right from your first date, the more brownie points you’ll get.

When done correctly, reenacting your first date and working it into your proposal can make it feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

3. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are seriously fun. Especially when you’re an adult.

If you’re looking for unique ways to propose, consider sending your special someone on a treasure hunt that ends with them finding their engagement ring/band.

If you really want to score big, have your significant other’s family hiding near where you hid the ring. When your loved one finds it and says yes, have the family step out and applaud. You can then share a picnic or have an engagement party.

4. Go to The Press

If your special someone reads the paper or listens to the radio in the morning, you could take out an ad that could help you pop the question.

For example, say your special someone listens to a particular radio station each morning. You could have the host break for a moment to pop the question on your behalf. You could even have the host give directions on where your now fiance should go to meet up with you.

Alternatively, you could take out a full page ad in the newspaper and sit near your special someone as they read it. When they do and put the paper down, you’ll be there holding the ring.

5. Head to The Beach

If the beach holds a special significance for you and your loved one, you can work it into your unique proposal ideas.

Our favorite beach proposal looks something like two people building a sand castle together just before sunset on a quiet day. When the person getting proposed looks away, the person who’s proposing can stick the ring at the top of the tower. Many companies can arrange a perfect party for you on a beach, they can have many event planning packages as per your needs.

6. Propose Like a Child

If you’re looking for unique ways to propose that are absolutely adorable, consider enlisting the help of some sidewalk chalk.

If you know a weekend walk that your special someone takes on a regular basis, go out the night before and write in the sidewalk different memories you’ve shared together and other loving notes.

When your special someone reaches the end of their walk, you’ll be waiting with a ring standing in front of a piece of sidewalk that pops the questions.

7. Enlist The Help of a Chef

Have a favorite restaurant? Ask your significant other to meet you there and arrive a little bit before they do.

Have the chef of the restaurant take your ring and carefully bake it into your loved one’s favorite cake.

When your significant other cuts into the cake, they’ll find their ring. Just keep a close eye on how quickly they’re eating to make sure they don’t accidentally swallow it.

8. Snow Proposal

There’s something romantic about winter… If you and your loved one love it as much as we do, consider building a snowman and dressing him like a priest.

When your loved one approaches, be standing next to the snowman wearing a suit (if you don’t own a suit you can use a suit hire service) holding their ring.

You can even have a couple of friends hiding in a nearby pile of snow that could burst out and applaud if the proposal gets a, “Yes”.

Wrapping Up Unique Ways to Propose That Will Blow Your Girlfriend Away

From sidewalk chalk to pastries and beyond, our team is confident that any one of our proposal suggestions above are strong, unique ways to propose.

Think about which one is the most practical for your relationship and pop the question! We’re rooting for you!

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