Why Do You Think People End Their Relationships? 8 Genuine Reasons People Quit Their Relationships

In as much as people start relationships, there are equally people who quit their relationships. At times, you see couples who look so good together and who are even worth emulating but then you hear they have split up and you wonder why.

Relationships that seem to be made in heaven suddenly hit rock bottom and the question asked is “why?”

It would amaze you to know that so many people crave to be in relationships but they haven’t achieved that yet so why do people keep falling out of them?

A lot of people quit their relationships for diverse reasons and some of them are:


8 Genuine Reasons People Quit Their Relationships

When people fall in love, they tend to not see the bad side of the person they love because they are blinded by love.

But one thing about reality is that after sometime you start seeing things for what they really are.

It takes time for some people to discover that they are not compatible with their partners and this makes people quit their relationships.

Being fed up:

8 Genuine Reasons People Quit Their Relationships

It gets to a point in a relationship whereby one or both party just gets tired of being with that same person and just wants to quit.

There might be no particular reason why but it might be reasons that have piled up over time.

It’s possible they must have talked about it but if the issues keep re occurring without any solution or head way, they might be forced to quit.


This is one of the reasons people quit their relationship and this is as a result of the fact that so many people go into relationships for the wrong reasons.

If you have the wrong motive for going into a relationship and do not get what you want, you will feel unfulfilled and feel the need to drop out of that relationship.

Such people feel something is missing within them which cannot be filled by the person they are dating; the only option therefore is to leave that relationship.

Lack of purpose:

The truth is that a lot of people go into relationships simply because they want others to see that they are dating somebody. This is not a good enough reason to and so if you have no aim or goal for that relationship, it’s as good as useless.

This is why some people who are already neck deep in their relationships find themselves asking questions that they cannot even answer because they have discovered that they are in the wrong relationship. This is one of the reasons people quit their relationships.


Some people cannot stand any kind of hardship and so tend to run away if they notice anything like that. While there are some people who will stand with their partner through any difficult situation, there are also those who won’t.

Impatience is therefore one of the major reasons people quit their relationships especially in these times that money seems to be very important in every given circumstance.


Anyone who is in a relationship expects his or her partner to be able to meet his or her immediate needs to an extent but when you don’t always get what you want, it can make you decide to quit that relationship.

Individual differences:

No two persons are the same but being in a relationship makes you blend with someone else to make it work. Over time, if the two of you cannot agree to disagree, if you cannot make compromises, if the two of you always prove to be right then you might just split.

When two people discover that they cannot agree on most issues, it may result to a break up.

Decline in love:

In as much as love grows, it also diminishes. Love and attraction are the elements that bring two people together but when these two elements cannot be felt any longer by both of them, it results in dissolution.

There are other reasons people quit their relationships but these are the major reasons they do.

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