7 Interesting Research Findings about Love & Relationships

Love and relationship is the two common words that every family will really want their present in the life of their family. There is no doubt about the tremendous positive effect of love and relationship in every family that enjoyed it.

Interesting love and relationship research finding
There are researches or finding that are interesting about love and relationship, and it is that finding that I’m listing out here for you to take a look and make your contribution at the end of the 7 interesting research findings about love and relationship. 
  1. Eight out of ten first-time sexual relationships last six months or less.
  2. The brain isn’t completely developed until age 20 or 21. 
  3. Most people go through a number of romances before finding a person with whom they want to make a life commitment. 
  4. It takes at least three months to pick up on problem patterns, in the first three months, you’re still wearing “Rose-Colored Glasses”. 
  5. When asking couples what they want most in a marriage: Couples, young or old, engaged or married, say they want a best friend. 
  6. What has been found to be connected with sexual satisfaction-both physical and emotional with married couples: Genuine intimacy, a sense of meaning attached to the sexual act, and commitment seem to be the key ingredients in satisfying sex. 
  7. A key predictor of marriage success or failure is how well you communicate and handle conflict.

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