6 Ways to Spice up your Intimacy in Marriage

Once married, always married right? Well, that is true but how many of you know that it is very easy for couples to lose touch of their intimacy? One of the things that keep a marriage intact is how close the couples are in all aspects. If everything is okay but lacks intimacy, I believe there would be a problem.

If you need some tips on how the intimacy in your marriage can be spiced up, take a chill pill, relax and enjoy this read because it will definitely be worth your while.

How to Spice up your Intimacy in Marriage:


6 Ways to Spice up your Intimacy in Marriage (3)

One thing you should know is that memories can never be forgotten. Can you think back to those times you fell in love? Do you remember how you first met your spouse? Can you remember how he proposed and the response you gave? These are things couples ought to talk about. You can just be in the house and bring up such lovely memories and I assure you that this alone can charge up that intimacy.

Re-decorate your bedroom:

6 Ways to Spice up your Intimacy in Marriage

Having just one look year in and out can be boring and less appealing. Occasionally, re-decorate or re-arrange your room, change your bedding, use a nice air fragrance, put up flowers, put on some cool nice music. All these can cause a positive change in intimacy in your marriage.

Change your look:

Everybody loves change and as such, it is nice to look different once in a while. Surprise your spouse and buy some new underwears. Add a twist to your nighttime look by wearing something sexy or daring.

Go on unplanned outings:

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Another way to spice up intimacy is to take your spouse on some outings that were not planned. You can just think of something out of the blues; though unexpected it will surely be appreciated. A scenario would be calling up your spouse on your way home from work and telling her to get ready because you’re on your way to take her out. Imagine how she would feel? This would certainly bring you closer to your spouse.

Buy gifts:

You need not wait for an occasion to buy gifts for your spouse. Buy him or her gifts to show you appreciate them.

Be romantic:

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The fact that you’re married does not mean you can’t be chic as well. Husbands should compliment their wives and wives should also compliment their husbands. If he or she looks good, let them know and if they don’t, show them how they can look good. That is simply how love should be. It is quite easy for couples to pull apart if they are not careful so do all you can to ensure that doesn’t happen to you.

Intimacy in marriage can be rebuilt or groomed so long as you do not let your issues get out of hand. As a couple, you are a team so work together to ensure you spice up your intimacy in marriage. If this list isn’t enough for you, Cupid’s Light got you covered

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