6 Tips For Staying Stylish And Cool In The Hot Weather

6 Tips For Staying Stylish And Cool In The Hot Weather


6 Tips For Staying Stylish And Cool In The Hot WeatherThe average weather temperature all over Nigeria is 88oF/31oC and that is hot! For people like me who have very sensitive skin with the tendency to develop heat rashes when exposed to hot weather, the current temperature situation spells bad news for us.

This weather does not only have the tendency to affect your skin but also your sense of fashion, hair, makeup, and skin. In view of this, I will be starting a series focusing on detailing how to maintain your sense of style ranging from your hair to your clothes, makeup and more during this humid weather.

In this article, I will focus on giving fashion tips to aid you in remaining cool and stylish at the same time.

These tips are as follows:

  1. Choose loose/light clothing

choose loose/light clothing

Honestly, this is the number one principle you should follow if you want to stay cool during this weather. Ditch the tight fitting clothes and opt for more loose, light, see-through, and breathable clothes which allow air circulation. These types of clothes are easy to wash and dry almost as fast. If you dig into your wardrobe, you will definitely find clothes that perfectly or closely fit the bill and if you don’t have any, invest in getting a few pieces as it will truly be worth it. Also, note that a piece of clothing may be lightweight but not loose/breathable so ensure that any cloth you want to purchase is both loose/free and light.

  1. Select clothes with natural fabric over synthetic fabric

Select clothes with natural fabric

An example of a natural fabric is cotton which is great to wear in this weather. Stay away from synthetic material like polyester as it has the tendency to trap sweat leading to irritation and discomfort. Cotton, on the other hand, helps to quickly absorb sweat thereby making you feel comfortable. Linen and lightweight wool are also good to wear during this weather. It is not advisable to wear silk as natural silk is expensive and hard to find and a majority of the silk materials seen around are synthetic.

  1. Wear clothes without inner lining

Wear clothes without inner lining

Clothes with inner lining act as an extra layer of heat to your body thereby preventing air circulation from taking place in your body which will lead to further sweating and discomfort. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid wearing clothes that have inner lining like blazers, dresses, etc. If your blazer has no inner lining, then it is okay to wear it, but if not please do not wear it.

  1. Wear brighter colours

wear brighter colours

This particular tip was very hard for me to adhere to giving my love for the colour black. However, I realised that I was harming myself instead of helping by continually wearing dark colours. Why? Dark colours like black, purple, green, etc. absorb more light leading to more heat and sweating while lighter colours like white, pink, sky blue, etc. reflect light thereby helping to retain less heat. Need I say more? Wear bright colours, stay cool, and stand out!

  1. Invest in Sunglasses, caps and hats

invest in sunglasses, caps and hats

Sunglasses, caps, and hats are necessary accessories for you to have in this weather because of their protective value. These items not only have protective value but also add to your style statement, so you win both ways. Therefore, make sure that you invest in purchasing at least one of these items.

  1. Ease up on the jewellery

ease up on the jewellery

In a bid to accessorize, we might decide to wear chunky necklaces, neck pieces or neck chains, these are a no-no! This is because these accessories act as a barrier between the cool air and your skin thereby leading to more heat and sweating. If you must accessorize, opt for earrings, bracelets, wrist watches but make sure that they are not chunky.

So, there you have it, 6 sure-fire tips to remain cool and stylish during this trying heat period. Ensure that you follow them because no one will notice how beautiful your outfit is while you are sweating in it.

In this next article in these series, I will be giving make up tips to follow in this season.

What other tips can you give for remaining stylish in this season? I look forward to hearing from you in the comment section.

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