6 Tips for Taking the Best Engagement Photos

Have you and your partner decided on doing an engagement photo shoot? Read our tips and make sure you get the best engagement photos!

As of last year, there were more than 61 million married couples in the U.S… aww!

And still, celebrations of love are each as unique as a fingerprint.

One of the best ways to capture your once in a lifetime relationship is to take stunning engagement photos.

They will look beautiful on your save the dates and will commemorate your engagement for years to come.

Keep reading to find out 6 essential tips to take the best engagement photos. 

  1. Find a Photographer That You Want at the Wedding

Having your wedding photographer do your engagement photos provides a time for you to make sure you like the person—before your special day.

In a sense, it’s a trial run where you can see if they can capture the images you’re looking for. And if it works out, you can check one more thing off of your wedding planning list.

Before your engagement shoot, meet up with the photographer to discuss ideas and plans. It also helps to get to know each other a little bit to break the ice.

The more comfortable you are with your photographer, the more natural you and your partner will be in front of the camera.

Plus, being familiar with one another makes it easier to communicate needs. The photographer won’t feel intrusive asking you to reposition your head, and you won’t feel awkward asking for different shots.

  1. Make It Personal

This is your wedding, your love, and your experience—own it.

Of course, it’s helpful to get inspiration from others on social media and Pinterest. But don’t put pressure on yourself to recreate something that’s already out there.

Once you have a general direction of how you want it to turn out, branch out from what you’ve seen and make it your own.

You can go to a location that’s special for you and your partner, or bring props, animals, or your children. Talk with your loved one to decide together the best way to document your love.

Part of this is deciding ahead of time a few poses you want to have captured.

You can always ask the photographer during the shoot for suggestions, too. Who knows, if you’re having fun, you may stumble into cute poses without planning it.

A good, general tip is to mainly focus on your partner during the shoot. It will feel much more personal than looking at the camera. 

  1. Put Thought Into the Location

We mentioned perhaps choosing a significant location for you and your partner.

If you can’t think of anything—don’t worry. Your photographer is bound to have lovely suggestions.

Regardless, you want to think about the visual elements of the environment. What colors will the scene have? Are you going to have to pick a certain time when there are fewer people around?

In addition to the visual elements, don’t forget that photography and lighting go hand in hand. Without proper light, there would be no photo.

Keep this in mind as you choose what time of day the photos will be taken. If you want sunset shots, for example, be sure to get some a while before the sun starts going down, too.

If you choose an area that isn’t near where you live (and even if you do, for that matter), make sure to look into the weather when the date starts approaching.

  1. Adorn Yourselves

Speaking of visual elements, try to coordinate your outfit with your partner. Opt for solid, neutral colors over bright patterns.

If you want your unique aquamarine engagement ring to be the focus of some pictures, don’t wear anything that clashes with that color.

Above all, wear clothes that are comfortable and that look good when you move. Less form-fitting blouses or dresses are a good choice for women.

When it comes to your makeup, look for products that diffuse light. You don’t want your skin to be shiny as this will reflect more light. 

If you feel overwhelmed with coordinating colors, don’t be afraid to go for black and white. It will forever be a romantic classic. 

  1. Don’t Overbook

If you plan ahead and meet with your photographer beforehand, you really only need about an hour to get enough quality photos.

The exception to this is if you’re wearing multiple outfits or going to multiple locations.

Also, whenever you first meet with your photographer, you should find out if you get photo rights with their hourly price. If you don’t, this means you may have to pay per photo, which can get pretty pricy.

  1. The Best Engagement Photos Are Natural

Don’t “act.” Just be natural.

Try to go into your shoot feeling comfortable and positive about the experience. If you don’t, the camera will be able to tell.

Being in front of a camera is naturally uncomfortable for many people. To help ease this tension, try to incorporate movement into the shoot. 

Trying to pose like a cardboard cut out will make your body feel rigid and will take the fun out of things.

Act as if you and your partner are there alone. Focus on one another and move around one another like it were any other day (except you will talk to the photographer, of course).

The more fun you can have during your shoot, the better the photos will turn out.

Celebrate Love Your Way

Take the best engagement photos by following these tips and by being yourselves

If you do, you can’t go wrong.

Keep reading our blog for more tips for your special day.

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