6 Telltale Signs that the Dating Game is Finally Over

Are you dreaming of a sunset wedding at the beach?  Or perhaps a fairytale-like wedding similar to Princess Diana’s? Wait!  Before you think about going to wedding and event planners like Wonderstruck Events, you need to be sure first if what you and your partner have is the real deal.  It is not surprising when people who are in-love can be blinded by emotions and end up getting disappointed and brokenhearted in the end.

6 Telltale Signs that the Dating Game is Finally OverSo how can you tell when your relationship is heading towards happily ever after? Here are 6 telltale signs that the dating game is finally over and your relationship spells R-E-A-L.

1. You’re two peas in a pod and you know everything about each other. Even the littlest things matter in a relationship. You know it’s serious when you care to know about the simplest things about each other like favorites, dislikes, hobbies and the likes. Over time, you get to understand each others’ moods, routines, and habits.

2. Everybody knows you’re a couple. Openly dating and knowing each other’s set of friends, family and even acquaintances is a sign that you are proud of each other. It shows that you want them to know that you are exclusive to one another.

3. No pretenses. When you can read each other’s mind, share the same dreams, and can speak of fears without hesitation, then you’re lucky.  Your relationship is healthy when you have mutual respect for each other’s opinion and views and can talk about issues without pretending to be understanding and accepting.

4. You talk about future plans together seriously. When you talk about future plans, do you talk about it as a couple? Or you talk about separate dreams with separate routes to get them? Does one gets irritated or dodges the ball when talk is getting serious? Serious talk about future plans is substantial in any serious relationship. After all, this is your future as a couple.

5. Exclusively yours. Who would want multiple dating when you found “The One”, right?  No one would go as far as test the waters and go from date after another when there is exclusivity and commitment.

6. You belong in the circle. If your partner introduced you to private circle of family and friends, that’s serious. Believe it or not, families’ and friends’ opinions and acceptance matters in a relationship for some. But ultimately, you know it’s serious when you are introduced and become a constant member of this circle for occasions that matters.

Don’t find yourself feeling your partner is “so near, yet so far”. Know these telltale signs to reassess your relationship and work on things if you really want it to work out to “the-rest-of-our-lives”.  But if you see these signs in your relationship already, rejoice!  Don’t let breakdowns, misunderstandings, and arguments get in the way to the road of if you are into each other for eternity. Be equally committed to that someone who truly cares for you and loves you who will not jeopardize the relationship.

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