6 Signs Your BF Truly Loves You

Sign #1: He Introduces You To His Friends & Family As His Girlfriend

Women often feel hurt when a man they are interested in and even in an undefined yet seemingly serious relationship with all of a sudden treats them differently in front of people close to him. In other words, when a man hides that he is more than just a friend to you it points to him not being in love with you. But if he proudly introduces you as his girlfriend that is a sign of true love and that he really loves you.

Signs Your BF Truly Loves YouSign #2: He Is Intimate When He Has Sex With You

When you are having sex, does it feel impersonal and detached or connected and intense? By intense I do not just mean physical sensations but the intangible bond between you. If he loves you, he “makes love” to you (cliche but true).

Sign #3: He Wants to Do Things to You That He Normally Doesn’t Want To Do

For example, let’s say he has never been interested in having anal sex in the past and has literally refused to with other women, but with you he wants to. This is just an example, but you get the idea.

Sign #4: He Talks to You About Personal Topics

Does he tell you secrets? Is he vulnerable? Does he love to talk about the things he has never told anyone else but for some reason is able to tell you? These are major signs a man is in love.

 Sign #5: He Consults You In Major Life Decisions

Does he ask you when making a major life decision, like… accepting a new job, for example or moving to another city? If he does not consult you at all there is a chance he does not love you.

Sign #6: He Genuinely Cares About Your Well Being

There is a difference between a man dating a woman out of convenience or because the opportunity comes up… and him dating her because he genuinely cares about her as a human being. Even if it isn’t convenient and even if he has to be real and honest sometimes for her own best interest he does it.

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