5 Time Tested Secrets of Capturing the Heart of the Right Man For You

5 Time Tested Secrets of Capturing the Heart of the Right Man For You

If you want to know the time tested real attributes and behaviour that will make every sensible man admire and cherish you, you can’t do without these 5 time tested secrets of capturing the heart of the right man for you. I can only tell you one thing here; if you do away with these, you won’t find the right man that will love you wholeheartedly.

5 Time Tested Secrets of Capturing the Heart of the Right Man For YouNow, I leave you to check out the 5 time tested secrets of capturing his heart and you’ll thank me latter for letting you know all of these important aspect of increasing your chances of meeting the one and only man that is meant for you.

1. Nutrition and Diets

If you want a man to notice you, hear this; watch what you eat because, what you eat at times is what you are. You will need to deny yourself some gratification in other to look good. Instead of ordering for food that will not add any value to your body like junk foods, go for food that contain the right amount of protein and fibre – food like fruits and vegetables will do you so much benefit to your overall shape and fitness.

You have to also include in your routine, fitness exercise and keep to your schedule, don’t try to cut corner. If you’re finding it difficult to carry out some of these exercises like jugging, look around for another female that will love to do that with you. The fact remains that, several other female are willing to do that but, they just need a push, why not be that push. Exercise release the hormone that is called endorphins, this hormone makes you feels happier and energetic about yourself.

If possible that you’re just an introvert, then buy exercise video and do your think inside your house or go join gym. All these will make you appealing to men, who will consider you to be a good wife.

2. Be Fashionable

I have seen a lot of girls wearing what make them look like guys, even though their feminine signs are present, but you still find it difficult to believe they are female when you look at them from behind. Don’t go for a unisex clothing, it will show that you’re not fashion oriented. If you don’t know more about fashion, read fashion magazines like glamour, cosmopolitan, vogue, Mirabella and also read books on fashion.

Consult friends you admire their fashion sense and let them put you through, you’ll be the better for it. Remember that you’re unique; put feminine clothes that show your uniqueness. Don’t be a fashion slave and go after every clothing that is reigning or in vogue, always look for the one that is best for you and that will bring out your special shape that present your uniqueness is a special way and conceive the part you’re not really feeling good about in your body.

Most importantly, don’t feel that you have to wear designer clothes to attract men, men don’t care whose label you’re wearing, they care on how fitted the clothes looks on you. So, it is better to buy a no-name brand and look stunning than buying worldwide known brand for quality and looks awkward.

3. Self-Improvement

In other for you to catch his attention, you need to improve on self. Change bad habit like slovenliness (untidy, as in dress and appearance due to negligence), men like woman who are neat and clean, they make good mother of their children, the kind of woman who don’t allow their children to be dirty or untidy.

Work on yourself and feel happy about yourself even if things aren’t going well with you, it shows strength of character and men will love you for that, because, you don’t allow your negative situation to bring you down, because you’re always motivated.

4. Proper Grooming

Yah! Good grooming will help you get closer to men because you’ll look neat, get proper manicure, pedicure, periodic facial hair treatment and massages should become part of your routine. Don’t forget to spray intoxicating and soft perfumes on yourself when you go out, don’t just overdo it. All I can tell you here is that, men will love you for treating yourself right this way.

5. Show Respect and Be Polite

If you have been doing all the above mentioned practises, it is now time to act them out. Show respect for people irrespective of their position in the society. Even if you’re the CEO of your company, don’t fail to show respect, it is a feminine like character. Be polite, don’t tell long wild story about all the people who have hurt you in life, don’t turn your prospective husband to a therapist or saviour.

Ensure you practice all these ladylike behaviour, even before waiters, door men or gate men, taxi or cab drivers, and even your own driver if you have one, they drive you through all long road to arrive at your destination.

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