5 Statement Your Guy Don’t Want To Hear From You

5 Statement Your Guy Don’t Want To Hear From You

The bedrock of a good relationship is proper communication, the more you communicate with your man, the more you understand him and the better for your relationship. It is always good to share everything with your partner, it will make him trust you the more. However, there is some statement you shouldn’t say to your guy. No matter your level of communication, such statement really hurt. As much as you want to be talking every now and then, avoid making statements that are hurtful to your guy, if you value your relationship.

Statement Your Guy Don’t Want To Hear From YouThese 5 statements should be avoided when you want to talk to or communicate with him, don’t say it to his hearing.

I will be ok, don’t worry about me

Words like this are so much annoying, you will get your guy pissed off, if you make statement like this. Why is he your boyfriend in the first place if you don’t want him to care about you? Of course, he has his own life and lots of other things to worry about in his life, but since you have come into his life, you have been included among the top priority thing to think about. So, why telling him not to worry about you; If you are guilty of this type of statement, you need to stop it now, if you want the progress of your relationship. This type of statement is so much hurtful, you need to completely do away with it.

You’re just a “man up”

What this statement mean is simply, you are not man enough. You can imagine what kind of damage such statement will do to any man’s ego. Even if your guy lack any things that you thing all men should have, you shouldn’t tell your guy that, he’s man up, not from you at all. Maybe your guy is not the toughest or muscular or manly enough compare to some other guys out there. He does not need you to point it out to him.

Do you still think about your ex?

Talking about ex is one of the many talks you’re going to talk about when you’re just starting up a new relationship, but when you’re already in it, you should never mention anything about his ex or even yours too. Wanting to know more details about his ex is a complete turn off to him. You’ll be better off talking about presence in his life and how you’re going to be the real woman instead of making his ex a treat in the relationship, which it wasn’t. other similar comment like this are; “my ex was just like that” “do you like me better than you like your ex” “did your ex do thing like this for you”…. Just stop any form of comparison with ex’s, he doesn’t want to hear them from you.

I guess they were right about you

When you make statement like ‘I guess they were right about you’, you’re making your man feel less than he is. You have low expectation about him and that’s what makes you succumb to that kind of statement, that you guess people are right about the negative perception about your guy. You will only be putting him in defence mode with this kind of harsh comment, make him feel he’s not good enough for you and anyone else. What a derogatory statement!

Nothing’s wrong when there’s something wrong with you

This statement is so irritating when you made it to your guy, that you’re already going out. You might have let it out to him unknowingly, and you’re now telling him nothing’s wrong when actually, something is wrong. The statement does not help you in any way and what you’re trying to tell him is that, he’s useless; he can’t help you out with what is wrong with you.

Seriously, you should try as much as you can to avoid hurtful statement like these 5 mention above, your guy don’t want to hear it, especially from you.

What other statement have you made, that got your man angry because he does not want to hear them. Feel free to use the comment form below to share them with us. Don’t forget to share this post if you like it with any of the social media icons below.

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9 thoughts on “5 Statement Your Guy Don’t Want To Hear From You”

  1. I have been dating my guy for 2years now..he do show me to his friends and siblings but he always told his im his friend…I love him n I tink he does too….when he got admission his call dramatically reduced which made to fall in love with one other guy which resulted in sex..afta he changed n he was calling me very well….we got intimate back n I told him d silly mistake I made while he was away..he forgave me but z always talking abt it over slight fight ….has dat changed his love towards me….I need help on dis plsss

    1. Your mistake still hurt him, although it’s good you let him knows about it, but also need to let him understand that, you did it because of the love you have for him and he should not use it to judge you. Even himself has his own past and he can denied it that, while he’s in school, he never met another girl that made him forget you for some times.

      Tell him that, since he has forgiven you, he should stop trying to bring it back to hurt whenever both of have misunderstanding. He should bring about the issue that caused the disagreement between you both and both of you can address it without digging on each other’s past.
      The relationship cannot move forward if he continues to use your past to hurt you.

  2. Am a girl of 16, have been dating this guy for 1year now and i truly love him, he also do love me but he stated changing for some time now he dont cal me like before whenever i text him he dont reply quickly like before if i shuld ask he wil give me some excuses like his phone was not with or his charging it and whenever we sees eachother he always want to hold me even in front of his friends and relative. He always claim to love me but i dont understand the change in communication anymore pls can someone tel me if he still have that love for me pls just pls thanks for you concern.

    1. I guess you shouldn’t be taking issue of relationship too serious at your age right now.
      It is not a bad thing though, to be in a relationship, but just take it as casual without sex.
      When one first fall in love with the opposite sex, it will look as if, there’s nothing that can come between both of you and that you’ll always want to see each other and hear from each other at every point in time.
      But as times goes on, the love fade somehow but because you’re getting too familiar and understanding what you don’t really like and what you can still tolerate about your guy/girl.
      It is natural that way, especially at this your age, it doesn’t mean he didn’t loves you but he just can’t stay with you only for now and his attention is fading away from you but over times, he will make his decision whether you’re the type he really want or to just experiment with you.

  3. Am a girl of 24 in a serious relationship of abt 2yrs.i love my guy and he loves me too bt all of a sudden evrytin abt him change,he dnt use to call or text as usually even if i call or text it will be anoda story bt if we stay 2geda he will tell me evrytin dat happened wen i wasnt around,he will also appologize 4 all his attitude 2wards call nd text.he does dis often pls what will i do? Or does he still love me?

    1. If he tells you everything that happens behind your presence and you’re sure he’s being truthful to his words, then he still very much love you.Although I don’t know what he tells you later when you guys meet but if it is something you accept, you can move on with him.

      You need to find out what exactly is keeping him away from you whenever you’re not around and only for him to comes back every time to tell you what happen and apologizing every time.

  4. Hy Mr. Anthony n evry one, pls i nid ur help. Am fade up wid ma relatnshp n i wnt to end it Bt i dnt knw how to strt n wot to do. We’ve dated 4 5yrs nw, no misunderstanding, no quarrel no nothing bt my only problem is dat ‘he’s not up to my liking agn.’ we strtd dis relatnshp wen i ws 18yrs n he apens to b my 1st date. Now am 22yrs, i cnt continue wid him any longer bcos he’s still a students, he cnt meet my demands though av neva demand frm him bt he keep on promising me heaven n earth. I dnt think i cn wait 4 him agn. Am scared of tellin him dat i wnt to end up bcos he alwaz said he wil kill himself if i leave him n av been promising him dat i wil neva disappoint him. Now dat i dnt wnt him agn, wot should i do? hw should i strt? He really luvs me so very much. Plz help

  5. kizzy says
    I am girl of 20 yrs I hv been in relationship over 1yrs now. we do hv sex,we love ourselves so much bt one day I asking me a question dat it is possible for him to stop having sex with me and I say yes if he can control himself and he ask me weather I can control myself I say yes again and he ask me weather our relationship will be strong again I say yes for me b/c sex is not love dat is wt I told him. The day I meet him. he try to hv sex with me I refuse. de question here is dat did I do de right thing I need help pls

    1. Yes, Kizzy you did the right thing.

      As at your age now, it is better for you not to start any relationship with sex, it will spoil you and possibly prevent you from reasoning about your life beyond the enjoyment you think you’re enjoying having sex now.

      It chance of even ruining your future is also high because if you get pregnant and they guy denied it, it will bring you shame.
      I’m sure, you will not want that.

      So, abstaining from sex in the relationship is ok for you.

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