5 Most Common Addictions to Check for When Beginning a New Relationship

Know the signs before falling for someone! Here are the five most common addictions you should know when beginning a new relationship with someone.

Common Addictions

A new relationship can be tainted by addiction if you don’t watch for these signs.

There are around 21 million people in the US that suffer from addiction. This mental disorder coerces a person to repeatedly abuse substances or to participate in dangerous actions. The most common addictions can destroy relationships, careers, and threaten a person’s health and safety.

You can avoid a damaging relationship by knowing what to be on the watch for. Different problems have different signs. Here are the most five common addictions to check for when beginning a new relationship with someone.

  1. Prescription Pills

The first one on the list can be found in almost any medicine cabinet. Pain killers, sedatives, benzos, and stimulants are commonly abused. Signs include paranoia, agitation, increased hostility, high blood pressure, and other medical problems.

  1. Cocaine

Cocaine is highly addictive and illegal. Often, people who use this drug don’t fully grasp the associated consequences. Signs of cocaine addiction include dilated pupils, mood swings, missing work, paranoia, and more.

  1. Heroin

Heroin is a powerful, dangerous opioid. The worst consequence of this drug is that it can result in a fatal overdose. Common signs to watch for are mood swings, behavioral changes, psychological symptoms, and physical marks.

  1. Inhalants

Inhalants can be commonly found in households, or easily purchased at stores. They cause serious health risks that can become fatal. Signs of inhalant abuse are chemical odors on breath, hidden solvent containers, slurred speech, and mood swings.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t illegal, but it’s a common addiction that people suffer from around the globe. Alcohol abuse can result in loss of income, behavioral changes, violence, and death. Common symptoms of this include blackouts, mood swings, loss of coordination, slurred speech, and vomiting.

What to Do If Someone You Love Suffers From One of the Most Common Addictions

The more a person abuses, the higher their tolerance becomes for that drug. If someone you love is suffering from addiction, you can do your part in encouraging them to get the help they need. Treatments can include behavioral therapy, group therapy, and rehab.

Inspire Malibu provides inpatient residential treatment for those suffering from drug addiction. Patients will spend between thirty and ninety days in the facility, longer is necessary. You can visit this website for more information and get the help needed today.

A Healthy Relationship Is Attainable

People must focus on caring for their own mental health before jumping into a relationship with someone new, including getting any drug and alcohol abuse under control. Help is available for those suffering from addiction. And now that you know the most common addictions to check for when beginning a new relationship, you’re closer to attaining the healthy relationship you deserve.

When it comes to dating, every person will come with their own baggage. All you can do is protect your mental health by finding someone who has found a healthy way to manage their problems. You can explore our site for other relationship advice.

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