5 Little Things You Can Do to Make Him Love You More

5 Little Things You Can Do to Make Him Love You More

Many articles have been written about how to satisfy your man or the woman of your life.  Interestingly, most of these articles imply that it is easier to please him than her.  While it takes only ten or less than ten ways to satisfy him, the list is even longer to satisfy her.

5 Little Things You Can Do to Make Him Love You MoreClueless as to how will you make him fall for you even more without necessarily spending that much?  No to dates in fancy restaurants.  Don’t stress yourself in learning how to cook or bake by enrolling in an expensive culinary school.  There is no use for working hard to save much so you can buy him his dream watch, car, or gadget.

Remember that your guy can easily acquire any material thing.  So you don’t have to provide those to him.  Besides, it will not create a good image on your part if you keep providing him with material things that he needs or wants.  Let him sweat out on that stuff while you focus on simpler yet unexpected surprises for your man.

 So here are some simple things that you can do for him to make him love you more every day of your relationship:

 Inspire and Motivate Him

By secretly inserting positive quotes in his shirt pocket, planner, cellphone holder or in anything that he often uses.  This will surely bring a smile into his face.

But please don’t overdo it.  You are not trying to get your ex back but making a present lover love you more.  Quotes that sound suspicious, prying, or even against his friends or competitors are not advisable.  If you like, you can make him long for it by doing it in an irregular manner.  Say, you do this for the first three days of the week then you suddenly stop.  That will surely make your man want your cute sweetness back.

 Give a Twist to His Regular Coffee.

You don’t have to learn a Starbucks-like formulation.  You don’t really need to come up with another unique blend to surprise him.  Why not add a “side dish”?  A heart-shaped ginger bread or doughnut will surely make him smile.  Or a table napkin with your lipstick mark along the bottom side wrapping the tablespoon will absolutely lighten up his day.

 Again, please don’t do this often.  You won’t like a caffeine-addict boyfriend, will you?  By the time he’s addicted, he will be, not to the coffee but to your gimmick. [Also read; How To Make Him Love You More Even If He Is Being Flocked By Women]

 Serve Him Breakfast with Love.

Oh yes we all know that breakfast in bed is romantic.  Breakfast with fresh flowers as the centrepiece is also romantic.  Now let’s forget about the flowers and let him enjoy his breakfast by the table instead of bringing it to your bedroom.  Bring out that heart-shape cookie cutter and bring that sunny side up eggs to the next level by cooking them through that heart-shape cookie cutter.  Do the same with your toast or pancakes.  Serve your menu of the day and enjoy the look on his face.

 A little creativity out of something ordinary will surely spice up his day.  Not to mention that the best to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  You are on your way to becoming the greatest woman in his life, girl!

 Go Cheesy and Crazy at Times.

In the middle of the day, after hours of not communicating with each other, surprise him with a funny text message.  You can choose to be corny by sending him a pickup line such as “I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.” Or you can go steamy by this pickup line “Are you a computer? Because it feels good to turn you on.” Or simply disturb him with this one “Were you arrested today? It must be illegal to look so handsome.”

 In addition to pick up lines you can also send him sweet love messages to him.  A simple quote such as “I just want to be where you are.” will surely melt his heart. Raise the level higher by becoming more seriously romantic with “Everything is perfect but only when I’m with you”.  Or just make him feel like you two are high school sweethearts joining a prom by sending him something like “You, yes, you, need to stop being so adorable because I’m now completely into you”.  Then just reserve the “I love you” when you two are already with each other.

 A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.

Go over your photographs together.  Choose the best one that will immediately catch his attention once he gets home or when he visits you.  You can opt for a funny photo together or from one of your travel photos or even through those sweet photos you have.  Get this framed – wooden, metal, plain, carved, or engraved it does not really matter.  You only have one goal and that is to surprise him and to make him remember your early days together.

 Memories are priceless.  Your framed photo will surely make your man temporarily escape reality.  Who knows what it can bring to him – realizations, lessons from the past, confessions, love vow, and so on.  If you surprised him, who knows what is in store for you in return.

 Things like these may sound too elementary and basic.  But sometimes old school are the most effective.  After all, it’s never boring to go back to the basic or to stick with the classics.

Love is like a plant.  It needs nourishment and some good caring hands.  Otherwise, it will surely wither and eventually die down whether or not it was sown in a fertile soil from a seed of good breed.  So make sure that every waking day you give your best effort to make your man fall in love with you over and over and over again.

 Now who needs those dates in a fancy restaurant?  Will you still need those expensive gifts?  An extra effort will surely bring your relationship a mile beyond what you two perceives as lasting relationship.

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