5 Clear Signs You Are Battling With Commitment Issues

5 Clear Signs You Are Battling With Commitment Issues

When you take a look around, seeing all your mate, friends, co-workers are already having children, the ones that has not been having children have married and others have been in serious relationship that sooner or later, they will be heading to the altar to tie the knot and to be pronounced husband and wife.

But here you’re still single; you can’t point to a particular person as your partner. You may have been in relationship in the past but they don’t last long enough to lead to something serious.

What is wrong?

5 Clear Signs You Are Battling With Commitment IssuesIt is commitment issues, it is very possible that you’re having a serious commitment issues and you need to tackle it head on.

You may think being single give you more opportunity to have fun, flirt with the hottest babes or guys as the case may, one night out stand and going to all kind of party with nobody calling you to order.

Yes being single can give you all of that but come to think of it, you not being in a relationship may not be associated with your ex not been a very good partner, it is very possible that YOU are the real problem. You fear being committed in a relationship,

These 5 clear signs that shows you’re battling with commitment issues can really help you to learn more about yourself, and come to term with yourself, make the promise not to allow issues like these affect your being in a serious relationship by now when you should even be having children.

1. You’re too selective

The available person you see around you did not have certain kind of look, talk, dress and behave in certain way you’d love to give them the chance of coming into your life. Your requirement or criteria list is very long, you even include tribes, facial features, skin colour and you only want to remain single until you meet the kind of person that meet all your criteria before you settle down.

The truth is that, you can’t find someone that’ll check all the boxes of the list of your requirement, not in this imperfect world. You’re not even the most suited for all, you can’t meet everyone else criteria too, the earlier you understand this, the better for you.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a standard, it is good to have standard but you must know that, finding a perfect partner that will match all your criteria is a myth. If you still hold on to looking for a perfect partner, and criticize all the available people, then you should know that you’re having commitment issues. Wake up and get committed to somebody.

2. You always want the unavailable people

The fear of commitment sometimes makes you to look at people who are not available and desire them to be yours. They belong to someone else; you just have to look for the available ones. You might even be involving yourself with relationship that you now it won’t work out, like trying to date someone who is in a distance place from where you reside, possibly outside your country of domicile.

Sometimes, you entangle yourself with someone in religion that you know you can’t be converted to and hanging around for a short-term relationship. You don’t want to commit, you fear being committed in any relationship for long-term.

You got to fix things, go after the people that are available, you’re the constant people in all of these, which mean the problem is with YOU and when you really look down into yourself, you’ll realize that, you’re having commitment issues and that’s the reason you’re not getting into any serious relationship.

3. You want to be independent

It is good to be independent and take control of your life but if you dread someone coming into your life to play a role in your life’s decision making processes, then you’re having a problem and that problem is nothing than commitment issue with you.

4. You’re having too much fantasies

You live in a fantasy world more than in reality world, your fantasy keep deceiving you every day that you’re going to have a perfect partner but the perfect partner you’re fantasizing about is not forth coming and you keep yourself in that dream world rather than coming into the world of reality and address your issues. The kind of partner you’re looking for is actually unattainable, like a celebrity or someone who has already married.

You prefer fantasize about having the perfect relationship with somebody who’s not real than moving ahead to establish a lasting relationship with real people in the world.

5. You’ve been broken hearted

You have been in a relationship in the past that things don’t walk out and you’re broken hearted, you fear going into another relationship so as to avoid the emotional pain caused by ending a relationship abruptly. If you continue to dwell on that last relationship that doesn’t went well, there is a possibility that you’re not ready to commit yourself into another relationship, but you’ve got no time on your side anymore. You’re having commitment issues and you need to address it now before it gets too late.

You probably presumed that if you built a wall around your feelings and never let anyone else in again, you would be just fine. If this is you, then you definitely have commitment issues. Irrespective of what you’ve gone through in the past, you need to come to reality that there are enough fish in the sea and if your relationship with one person didn’t go well, it was probably just not meant to be. Wake up, snap out of your self-created misery and move on.

The above 5 clear signs is an indication that you’re having commitment issues and you need to sit up and address the issues, get back into a relationship and work your way around it to make it a fulfilling relationship that you so much desire.

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