4 Secrets of Happy Relationships from the Experienced Couples

4 Secrets of Happy Relationships from the Experienced Couples

How to keep romance, trust, and love alive after 5, 10, or 15 years of marriage? There isn’t a universal recipe but you can always use the experience of older couples who have managed to build successful relationships. Some of them shared their secrets with Brides Date.

4 Secrets of Happy Relationships from the Experienced Couples

Maintain “illusion”

When we fall in love with someone, we think that person is perfect. Gradually, when passion wears off, we begin to realize that our interests and views are different. All those cute weird things, which we once admired in our partner, start getting on our nerves.

At this stage, many people make a huge mistake: they take their partner’s otherness for foreignness or oddity and start looking for a more suitable option. But the next try ends up with the same disillusionment. So, the first secret to be revealed is the partners’ ability to keep positive illusions about each other.

You should believe that partner is your perfect match. It doesn’t mean that you should turn a blind eye to your partner’s abusive behavior and other unforgivable things. But excessive criticism that hides behind objectiveness or straightforwardness will lead to a breakup.

Say “no” to boredom

Monotony can ruin a romantic relationship. Living under the same roof, many partners get used to each other and to their routine. Romance gradually fades away and they become less satisfied with their relationship.

In order not to get bored with each other, you need to bring new experiences and emotions to your relationship. Take a dancing class together, go out on a romantic date, surprise with unexpected gifts.

Don’t forget about sex: role-playing is a great way to heat your imagination, create a new story for you two, and get new feelings.

Respect each other’s freedom

Very often we get overprotective and start treating our partners the way parents treat their kids. Your partner needs his or her personal space. If you want to keep passion between you alive, respect your spouse’s freedom.

He or she may have a fulfilling hobby that really inspires him or her. People who do what they like seem more attractive and beautiful to others.

Support each other’s passions, praise, and admire. If you feel inner freedom, you’ll be more appealing to your partner.

Don’t be too serious

Those couples in which partners laugh and banter with each other regularly have more chances to keep the warmth of their relationship through the years. Humor is a great way to cheer yourself and your partner up, relieve tension, and avoid a conflict.

Laughter has a therapeutic effect because it lets you be yourself, playful and childish. Of course, different couples have different senses of humor. Do you resort to humor in your relationship?

Try to experiment: give nicknames to each other, watch a comedy together – it will add flavor to your relationship. If your partner says something that drives you mad, try to joke in response rather than start defending yourself.

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