4 Reasons Why Cremations Are Preferred Over Funerals

The number of Americans choosing cremation services over burial has been on a steady rise over the last 50 years. While there has always been an ongoing debate over which service is most appropriate, cremation from a company like Legacy Cremation Services seems to be winning out. There are many reasons why people may be choosing cremation these days.

 Cremations Are Preferred Over Funerals

Cremation services are actually predicted to be more popular than burial services in the near future. Everyone has their own preference of how they’d like to be memorialized, but it seems that tastes are changing. Most people respect the wishes of their loved ones, but some make their own choices according to their budget. Here are 4 reasons why cremations are preferred over burial service.

Keep Your Loved One Close

The loss of a loved one is always hard. Many people would go to great lengths to keep their loved ones close to them. Utilizing cremation near me gives people the option of keeping their loved ones in an urn or they could even put the ashes in a necklace to wear close to their heart. Burying a loved one leaves mourning people in a position where they must walk away, leaving their loved ones in the ground. Cremation near me like Legacy Cremation Services opens other options to keep loved ones close and have some semblance of control.

More Affordable

Exploding birth rates and immigration means we have more people in the United States than ever before. This is making burial plots scarce and the price of available plots is skyrocketing. Cremation near me is generally a much more affordable option than funeral services. With cremation near me, there is no need to purchase a headstone or casket making the price nearly 50 percent less than burial services.

Greener Option

Cremation near me is often seen as a greener option than burial services because they have a much smaller carbon footprint. When a loved one is buried, harsh chemicals are used to embalm them beforehand. Land is disturbed and used to bury that person and there is risk of chemical contamination seeping into the earth during decomposition. Cremation near me releases smoke but new equipment is being developed constantly to reduce emissions from cremation.

Simple More Flexible Service

Cremation near me offers simpler, more flexible services for those left behind to remember their loved ones. They can spread ashes during a small ceremony or have a celebration of life in lieu of a funeral. There is also a lot of coordination necessary to properly and respectfully bury a loved one. Cremation near me offers options that don’t require as much money or coordination to pay your respects.

Consider Cremation Instead of Burial

If you prefer a more affordable and greener option to traditional funeral services, consider cremation near me today. You’ll save space without having to search for an expensive burial plot. There is no coordination of services, no headstone or casket to purchase, and no walking away when it’s done. You can keep your loved one near you and have a celebration of life when the time is right. Consider cremation near me today.

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