3 Ways Your Relationship Can Change You

3 Ways Your Relationship Can Change You

Relationships are dynamics and that is why people that are involved can’t stay static. Your relationship can either change you into something good or in some cases something not too good. The bottom line is just that, when you’re in relationship, you’re going to experience changes as a result of the dynamic nature of your relationship.

I have seen friends who don’t like watching football but when they get involve with partners who love watching football, they’ve now become people who can’t even miss any football matches especially from Premiership in England.

3 Ways Your Relationship Can Change YouSeveral researches have shown that, people are much affected by those surrounding them, especially someone close to their hearts. The 3 ways below show how your relationship can change you.

1. Self – expansion

Self – expansion is often experience in healthy relationship. You have tapped into self – expansion if you have ever thought being with someone you love will make you a better person. This kind of changes is what is refer to a positive self – growth, and it can be really experienced if who you are today is much better with lots of positivity in your life than before you met the partner in your relationship.

2. You might be worse if you’re in unhealthy relationship

Entry into a relationship might change you into something you never thought possible. The fact remain that, the potential negative change from your partner in relationship might affect you in one way or the others. You even risk becoming someone you never wish to become. This is why your partner’s choice is very important, seeing something you will not tolerate in a person you’re dating and avoiding to confront him or her about it might still come back to change you into something else. You must ensure you avoid being in unhealthy relationship to avoid unwanted changes in your life.

3. Being in healthy relationship can lessen your bad habit

Apart from changing into something good or worse, yourself – growth in the relationship may mean trimming your not too good habits or reduction in your poor qualities. You might be someone who’s a loud talker, do nail biting unconsciously or you’re just a heavy smoker or you drink a lot and when you get into your relationship, all of these annoying habits are beginning to become less obvious in you. This kind of changes is coming to you as a result of your relationship commitment you vow to keep. You’re being improved and become relevant as the unhealthy habits are being kicked out of your life. Though gradually, but at the long run, you’ll be experiencing the positive changes in healthy relationship.

It is glaring that what we believe in ourselves are not that stable as we might thought. Our partners have a great deal of power in shaping who we actually become in our future.

We can be influenced by our partner, and those we love have an effect on us and the way we respond to situation around us. These are some of the reasons why we should carefully considered who we chose to be our partner in relationship.

Don’t forget that as much as your partner has an influence on you, you too has an influence on your partner. So, use your influence wisely, and go with partner that you don’t have to devote lots of energy trying to change him or her into someone else. However, you should use such energy to enjoying your time together with your significant other.

Have your relationship change you for something good or otherwise? You can share your experience with us and we will be glad to have your contribution here. Don’t forget to share this article using any of the social networking icons below.

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