3 Ways On How To Know If Your Partner Is Lying To You

3 Ways On How To Know If Your Partner Is Lying To You

It is not difficult to know if a partner is lying to you provided that you’re prepared to confront him or her about the lie you’re being told. I know most time because of the love you have for your better half, you may be finding it uneasy to face  him/her, this do happen most especially when the relationship is still new and everything seems aglow.

You don’t want anything to make your relationship go sour and you’re being told lie every time.3 ways on how to know a lieing partner

Then, how do you know that your partner is lying to you? Follow these three simple ways and you will discover the truth and avoid being lied to every time.

1. Listen to your instincts!

Do you know that your instincts don’t lie?  Except if they are influenced by your fear and insecurity. The ability to know whether you’re being lied to do not require you to be a powerful mind reader or a fortune teller even perhaps having a psychic power. Learn to trust your instincts and you will be a better for it.
If you feel you are not getting the entire truth from your partner for some reason, then listen to your instincts. Most people are in good touch with their instincts, but rather not listen to that inner voice because they refuse to believe that their partner would deceive them in any way. Staying in touch with your instincts will help guide you in the right way.

2. Keep Your Eyes on The Body Language

Body language is another source of knowledge in determining if you’re being lied to. It is important for you to know that your body language will never lie, it is just natural. For instance if somebody is lying to you, it is natural for him/her to turn his/her eyes away from you even though he/she will be trying to stare at you but because his/her body language wouldn’t allow that, he/she will turn away his/her face. If there are changes in the way your partner moves (or does not move) his/her arms, hands, head and the way his/her eyes shift, then you are most likely being lied to.
One big sign to look out for is in the eyes. If your partner avoids eye contact with you, then he/she is lying to you. There is a fear that you will see through him or her if there is eye contact, so eye contact will be avoided. Whether you realize it or not, your body also communicates when you talk. When you are enthusiastic about telling your partner something and are telling the truth, you will move your hands around and will look into his/her eyes to make a connection.
If your partner is lying however, he or she will tense up, will most likely tone down on the hand movement and eye connection and will seem different than other times. If your partner is the type to still move his/her hands around even when he/she is lying, then pay attention to the timing of the movements.
Timing is everything and can define the difference between the truth and a lie, you will surely notice it, this is because they have to think about acting natural, and this thinking causes them to be off key.

3. Throat Clearing, saying “Umm” when touching Him/Herself Often

Another sign of a lying partner is if he/she touch his/her nose or face a lot while talking to you. They will feel nervous about telling you lies and will want to occupy their hands somehow as a way to cover up their lie, such as touching the nose, rubbing their eyes and so on. Your partner may even clear his or her throat more than usual when talking to you, look away a lot and/or say “umm” a lot when lying to you.
They are using these as time killers so they can think of how to tell you the lie in the most convincing way possible. These are just some of the signs of a lying partner and are the most common signs.
Remember, it is always important to trust your instincts first. If you feel that your partner is lying to you, start paying closer attention to his/her behaviour and if there are any changes, then you will be able to catch on to the lies better and can further investigate from that point.
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